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Born on October 4th, 1947, Igor Cornelsen has led with quite a reputation. His career has taken a path to be envied by economists and business persons. Igor speaks of his investments career as a banker; his job is basing on engagement in the stock market. He believes he is an entrepreneur and his productive nature is from his hard work and the spirit to never give up. His background in stock management and his outstanding ideas in business has set him apart from the competition.

His background in education is vast. He did engineering at the Federal University of Parana. It was his initial interest until further notice when he decided to pursue economics at the Federal University. His adverse skills in the calculation at the time where computers and calculators were scarce it came in handy for him as he was able to fit into the job market right after graduation.

After his graduation, his debut into the economic world started with him landing a job in a bank. This job put in the landmark as he was among the best. Working as an investment banker ensured him roles that were top such as Chief Execution Office in Bank called Multibanco at the time.

Igor Cornelsen left the bank when Bank of America acquired Multibanco in 1978. In Brazil, he moved to work with the leading banks there called Unibanco until 1985 when he decided to get into Libra Bank PLC. In 2007, he had had one failure, when he went about his business by closing positions in commodities.

The moved marked his venture into the international financial world. He then went to London to represent Brazil in the Standard Charted Merchant. He learned a lot of and acquired knowledge that set the pace for him to start his own business of an investment firm.

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Doctor Sameer Jejurikar Is Dedicated To His Patients

Doctor Sameer Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas. He has extensive experience and skill in the plastic surgery field and offers his patients various procedures and services for their bodies. Some of the professional services Doctor Sameer Jejurikar offers to people that come to his office are Crysalix 3D Imaging procedures, facial surgeries, facelifts, brow lifts, cheek lifts, chin implants, eyelid surgeries, ear pinning, neck lifts, and scar revisions. The doctor also provides rhinoplasties, Brazilian butt lifts, Brachioplasties, Laser skin resurfacing, and Microneedling for patients. Some of the injectable procedures Dr. Jejurikar offers are things like Botox cosmetic procedures and lip augmentations while the procedures for men that he presents are specialized injectables and hair restoration procedures. For the ladies, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar offers procedures like Mastopexies, breast revisions, and a specialized Mommy Makeover procedure that includes things like breast lifts, breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and liposuctions. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has been in the plastic surgery practice for around 11 to 20 years and is more successful in his plastic surgery business than ever before. Doctor Jejurikar focuses mainly on cosmetic procedures of the human eyes, face, nose, body, and breasts and has received profound training in the art of plastic surgery. He really wants to help his patients hit their goals by offering many different surgeries and procedures and he is dedicated in giving his patients the most intelligent and innovative approaches to their reconstructive wants and desires for their bodies. He realizes that each one of his patients are all created unique in design and wants to provide the right solutions, pay attention-to-detail, and listen exactly to what his patients may want.

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Ryan Seacrest: A Rundown Of His Career Through The Years

You can hear his voice every day on the radio. Ryan Seacrest is the host of a nationally syndicated program called On Air with Ryan Seacrest.” He’s a household name all across America and one of the hardest working media personalities in the world and has been a prominent figure on television for over a decade.

We are talking about Ryan Seacrest, the entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He’s also the cost-host of the Emmy award winning morning talk show “Live! With Kelly and Ryan,” along with Kelly Ripa.

Ryan Seacrest is much more than a TV and radio show host. In 2006, he created a media production company under the Seacrest brand know as the Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP). It has produced multiple Emmy winning programs both scripted and unscripted like “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

Ryan Seacrest was inspired to create an affordable and quality suit line for the average consumer, he formed the collaborative relationship between Burberry designer Christopher Bailey and Seacrest. His menswear line “Ryan Seacrest Distinction” exclusively at Macy’s has hit over $50 million in retail sales in 2018.

Since the launch of the Distinction line of suits, there has been the addition of accessories such as ties, pocket squares, belts, cufflinks, and jewelry. Ryan Seacrest continues to reach new heights and opportunities in his entrepreneurial endeavors.  Find More Information Here.

His greatest achievements and joys have come from his philanthropic efforts and the creation of The Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF) a non-profit organization on a mission to helping hospitalized kids feel connected to other children within the hospital and with the things they love in media. In the last eight years, with Ryan Seacrest serving as chairman on the board, RSF continues to make an impact through these state-of-the-art media centers strategically located in pediatric hospitals across the United States. As of 2018, there are approximately 10 Seacrest studios that are designed to be a fun and creative outlet for the kids meanwhile providing them with a safe diversion from the stressors of being in the hospital.

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The Steps Dan Bethelmy-Rada Had To Take To Manufacture R.A.W; An All-Natural Product


Dan Bethelmy-Rada, the Global Brand President of Matrix and Biolage, has worked for over two years creating R.A.W. R.A.W is meant to be the company’s new wholesome face as his company puts the product out to the whole world. The world has reached a time where consumers thirst for more natural products instead and would even pay good money for them.

Upon having this realization, Dan Bethelmy-Rada was naturally inspired to provide his consumers precisely what they wanted. That was a 100% natural and sustainable product with very minimal impact on the environment. That is how Matrix created R.A.W to respond to the demands of its consumers.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada set out to ensure his company manufactured and produced a wide range of products with outstanding environmental credentials. The formulas that would be used to make these all-natural products would range from natural, effective, but highly biodegradable materials. These raw materials also couldn’t have any sulfates, silicone, or parabens.

At one time in an interview IdeaMensch, Bethelmy-Rada even said that all the raw materials and ingredients used in the production of these products were purely from plants and minerals. Other ingredients also included honey, fungi, and seaweeds. The packaging of the R.A.W products was also specially designed to ensure minimal environmental impact. To put things into perspective, he says that about 70% of all the brand’s products and other products are 98% biodegradable.

According to Dan Bethelmy-Rada, the only way to ensure his company completely captures his clients’ trust is by never compromising on naturalness. If a product is a natural one, then it must be all natural. If not, then the consumers of those products must know that too. In most instances, ensuring complete naturalness of the products demanded that the team overcome numerous challenges.  See This Page for related information.

Take the costs that were associated with the company’s goal of producing 100% natural products, for example. The whole project required that the company make considerable investments to get the capital it needed. Dan Bethelmy-Rada also mentions time as a constraint in regards to his team meeting the deadlines. However, amidst all these challenges, Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team still managed to manufacture, package, and transport R.A.W to its consumers. Thanks to a group of dedicated workers and team leader.


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Kisling, Nestico & Redick: A Fast Growing Law Firm In Ohio


Kisling, Nestico & Redick is a law firm based in Ohio, and it is among the fastest growing law firms in the state. The law firm currently owns ten locations that offer help to people who have submitted personal injury claims. There are 30 qualified lawyers working for the firm, along with 100 support staff.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick was founded in the year 2005, and through the years, the law firm was able to handle thousands of cases involving personal injury claims. They managed to assist 10,000 clients since they started providing their legal expertise, resulting in verdicts and settlements worth $450 million. Their clients are highly satisfied with the results of their cases, stating that the Kisling, Nestico & Redick is the only law firm that was able to help them out.

This much lauded law firm, has many associations with prestigious organizations such as the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and Super Lawyers. KNR have also the been cited as the Top 100 Lawyers in Ohio.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick specializes in multiple areas covering personal claims, like vehicle accidents, work injuries, and event class action suits, neglect inside the nursing home, and other niches. Their clients have been praising the law firm for their accuracy and speediness in handling their cases. They are also recognized for their transparency in looking after each client’s personal injury claims.

The idea to create the Kisling, Nestico & Redick law firm can be traced back to the personal experience of Rob Nestico, one of its founders. When he was younger, he was involved in a road accident, and he was dissatisfied with how the insurance company treated him. He believes that they are taking advantage of those who do not have enough money for coverage, and he vowed to fight them back. Today, Kisling, Nestico & Redick is studying each insurance company and predicting what their next move will be. They wanted to ensure that their clients will be receiving a fair amount of compensation for their personal injury claims. See This Article for additional information.

Most of the lawyers who are currently working with Kisling, Nestico & Redick have experienced working for an insurance company in the past. It helps them understand how an insurance company works, and identify what their weaknesses are. Because of their services to the people, Kisling, Nestico & Redick has been recognized as one of the top law firms in the state of Ohio.


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Posted in INJURY LAW FIRM, LAWYER | Leave a comment’s Partnership With Rakuten Inc. is China largest online and offline retailer. Jingdong has brought about technological advancements in China. Through retail in China is carried out using technology. Operations like delivery services and customers analysis are all computerized. JD has brought economic growth and expansion of the retail market in China.

Over the years has partnered up with various business entities to expand their area of operation and to make use of Jingdong’s technology. Jingdong has partnership across China and in other states too. deals with a variety of goods and services. Jingdong provides services to individuals all over China to those in remote and mountainous areas as well as in urban regions. recently signed a contract with Rakuten Inc that will enable Rakuten to make use of Jingdong’s technology. Rakuten will make use of drone and delivery services in the Unmanned Delivery Solutions. Rakuten Inc is a Japan-based e-commerce firm. The partnership will allow Jingdong to combine their advanced technology of drone and robot development with Rakuten’s operations in delivering services. The two firms will partner on the Unmanned Delivery Services and provide a wide range of services to citizens across Japan.

In 2016, Rakuten launched its first drone, since then Rakuten has gained expertise on drones through making deliveries and working with other firms. Rakuten Inc carried out its first trial in 2018. It consisted of drones and a few delivery robots.Koji Ando, the Group Managing Executive at Rakuten Inc, is delighted to be partnering up with Jingdong. Koji hopes that through the corporation and the use of drones and delivery robots, Japan will grow as a logistics sector and there will be increased innovation in the country. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Koji also believes that through the use of the two technologies Japan will build a more economical and beneficial society that will provide for the Japanese. started working on drones back in 2015, and by 2016 they had released the first drone worldwide. Jingdong has drone operations in several states and countries. also launched a drone in Indonesia. The drone gained government approval this year and has set a platform for the development of more drones in the country.


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Top Entrepreneur Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu is one of the top entrepreneurs in China. Richard Liu Qiangdong; his full name, established this reputation by founding the company known as The company is currently the largest and most successful retail business in the nation. During the last few years, Richard Liu has grown into a multibillion dollar company. With a total net worth of over $12 billion, led by Richard Liu, is one of the most valuable in the world. Liu has used his experience and expertise to help the company achieve steady growth on an annual basis.

When Richard Liu Qiangdong was growing up, he was taught by his parents to work hard and get a quality education. He was also told by his parents to always seek to excel at any activity he gets involved in. Richard Liu completed his compulsory education and decided to go to college. While studying at one of the leading universities in China, Liu Qiangdong completed a degree program in sociology. Along with studying sociology, Liu also learned how to code and become proficient at computer programming. These skills would help him get quality employment opportunities when he finished his college education.

Shortly after finishing college, Liu worked as a freelance computer programmer. This allowed him to showcase his technical skills and help companies better manage software and their websites. His experience as a freelance computer programmer enabled him to attain employment at a leading company known as Japan Life. This company hired Richard Liu to be their director of computing. As the director of computers, Liu provided his leadership and expertise to manage this important department of the company. Find Additional Information Here.

After having a successful career in the technology field, Richard Liu Qiangdong became an entrepreneur. His first business was a retailer that sold a variety of magneto optics products. This business was successful at first but was eventually closed down. Richard Liu would then start up the company which is the company he runs today. Over the last several years, Richard Liu has used his expertise and experience to help build He also used innovation to help it improve its daily operations. Along with making his company a successful retailer, Richard Liu Qiangdong made one of the most generous in the world by participating in a number of philanthropic activities.

Because of Qiangdong’s success in selling other goods online, Richard Liu Quiangdong has now been ranked by Business of Fashion as a top 500 “Most Influential Person In The Fashion Space”. Fashion is, of course, a $2.4 trillion market on its own.




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The Work Successes And Experiences Of Paul Herdsman An Expert Entrepreneur


Paul Herdsman is an entrepreneur, businessman, and the current COO of Nice Global, a successful customer service company that is based in Jamaica. Herdsman works through many roles in his company to maintain a successful and smooth running of its operations. The many years Herdsman has garnered working in his company has enabled him to garner relevant employment experiences and other expertise-related skills.

These are the skills and experiences that have led to the long-term successes of his company in the customer service sector. Herdsman continuously works to implement the extensive knowledge he has garnered within the realms of customer satisfaction, customer retention, marketing and sales, business development, and human resources to boost his company. Read This Article for related information.

He also imparts the knowledge and expertise he has over to his talented team who works together with him to make his company, NICE Global, better. In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman discussed these effective business lessons which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike, that they can use to be successful like himself.

Paul Herdsman always has unwavering support for his staff members and team. He puts the need of his employers first and works to boost their morale best he can. He also understands the need for staff expertise and staff retention which are all the facets that have aided NICE Global towards the path of daily success. Herdsman works on investing most of his resources onto his personnel which, in turn, provides him a team of highly skilled individuals who love their work. According to Herdsman, nothing can match the most optimized performance in business as the work of a happy, dedicated, and able team. That is why and how NICE Global has managed to record a much higher work rate compared to its peers in the industry.

Paul Herdsman’s company, NICE Global aims to provide all of its clients with the best customer service needs at a competitive rate. Herdsman’s expertise and skills are what has led to the continued growth of the company, increased client acquisition, and even client loyalty. It is the views, insights, and convictions that Herdsman has put into the company that makes it incredibly valuable. Should he keep pursuing this route, Paul Herdsman’s company should witness even more successes and growth above other companies in the same field.


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Papa John’s Implements Diversity Training To Employees

Papa John’s has been in some predicament as of late with declining sales and customer dissatisfaction, which is why they made some changes in administration with a new CEO in Steve Ritchie and choosing to implement diversity training for all employees of the brand according to an article by Eater.

Steve Richie Papa Johns wrote a letter a while back that the pizza chain is on the right track and that they were going to go back to what they have always been – a company set on values of equality, opportunity, and respect. Another notable company like Starbucks also had their employees undergo racial bias training after an incident a while back at a store in Philadelphia as two men were arrested due to a misunderstanding of loitering as this greatly angered the public.

So the fact that Papa John’s International is making employees go through diversity training is nothing unfamiliar or surprising. The company is seeking to fix its image and get back to delivering excellent service to customers. The pizza chain also strongly believes that they are on the right track with Steve Ritchie at the helm, who has a long history of having worked for the company as a chief operating officer, delivery driver, manager, supervisor, vice president, and other roles.

He is now the CEO of one of the largest pizza chains in the world where he graduated from Seneca High School and lives in Kentucky. The individual has worked for other places that include Calistoga Bakery Cafe, but much of his work includes being with Papa John’s as he was a franchise owner in 2006. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s has a passion for pizza, as he believes that it brings people together as he worked hard at a pizzeria in Louisville for 14 hours day and every single day. The leader plans on staying with Papa John’s for a long time to be on the board and own many franchises. Ritchie has shared that the pizza chain plans to expand into the Bahamas and create an option on Facebook for simple ordering.


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Trend Expert Victoria Doramus Continues Mission To Support New York City Nonprofits

Earlier in her career. New York City’s Victoria Doramus was a trend and marketing specialist. Her job was to figure out what was trending in multiple industries, including fashion and design, and then document it so her company could take advantage of where consumers were headed. She was also involved in crafting advertising campaigns and creatively solving problems.

Victoria Doramus has also been a writer using both her own name and ghostwriting for others. It was when she was a college student that she developed her interest in writing. She has made many writing contributions to Trendcentral where she writes about trends in various industries. Her writing has also appeared in USA Today, The Cassandra Report, Huffpost, and Cosmopolitan.

She now spends the majority of her time helping out at not-for-profits in New York City. Victoria Doramus applies the skills she has learned over the course of her career to help these organizations meet their goals. One of the organizations she regularly volunteers for is Room to Read. This not-for-profit, established in 2000, is trying to increase literacy rates in nations around the world.

Another New York City charity Victoria Doramus supports is Best Friends Society. She wants to do her part to help stray pets find a loving home. This charity was created at a time when many animals in shelters were killed. This nonprofit has the biggest American no-kill pet sanctuary located in Kanab, Utah. She supports the New York City regional program they operate.

As a recovery expert, Victoria Doramus also volunteers for the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Amy Winehouse was a songwriter and singer who died from a drug overdose in 2011. Victoria Doramus is deeply involved in outreach youth in New York City informing them of the dangers of drug and alcohol misuse and addiction. See This Article to learn more.

Victoria Doramus became a recovery expert after having been addicted to drugs and alcohol herself. She says that she is really impressed with what this charity does and how they have kept Amy Winehouse’s spirit alive by helping people avoid addiction or recover from it.


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