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Business Mogul; Livio Bisterzo

     Livio Bisterzo founded the Green Park holdings. Livio moved to the UK in 1999 and studied at London University of Arts. Livio is a family man and is married with three children. He began his career in the year … Continue reading

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Dr. David Samadi Talks About Reproductive Health

     According to Dr. David Samadi, women goes through a challenging life transition which is known as menopause. This is a transition where women do not experience the menstrual cycle for at least one year. He notes that this is … Continue reading

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Marc Sparks Provides Top-Tier Marketing for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks is a noted entrepreneur who has brought forth dozens of startup ideas and he uses a highly developed instinct to sniff out opportunities that others may consider worthless. He considers it a challenge to develop concepts that others … Continue reading

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