Adam Milstein: A Man Making Sure His Philanthropy Has An Impact

Adam Milstein, philanthropist and commercial real estate professional, is the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, as well as the president of the foundation. Milstein and his wife Gila have always felt passionately about supporting the State of Israel and encouraging college students to take pride in their Jewish roots.


Active Philanthropy


Milstein’s philanthropy takes up nearly 90 percent of his time; he believes that simply contributing money is not enough to make a difference. Adam Milstein donates his time, ideas and his connections as well. Calling this active philanthropy, Milstein believes that taking an interest in an organization’s programs creates more of an impact.


Low-Hanging Fruit


Finding the low-hanging fruit is ideal in both real estate investing and philanthropy, according to Adam Milstein. He prefers investing his donations in organizations that target specific, easy-to-reach audiences. For example, Milstein often collaborates with organizations that target students who will build a connection to Israel and then pass the Jewish knowledge on to their children. He invests in organizations reaching groups receptive to a pro-Israel message.


Being an Entrepreneur


Adam Milstein told ideamench that being persistent and following up on every lead has helped him become a successful entrepreneur. Being persistent in the real estate business is important because it takes several years to see a profit. He describes himself as self-driven and as a person who enjoys working.


After earning an MBA, Adam Milstein decided to become an entrepreneur after attending a job fair at USC and finding that companies were not offering a salary commensurate for someone with his education and experience.


Milstein sits on the boards of numerous organizations that he supports, however, he is widely known for his position as national chair for the Israeli-American Council (IAC), an organization which he helped establish; he is now in charge of the IAC’s national expansion.

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