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Born on October 4th, 1947, Igor Cornelsen has led with quite a reputation. His career has taken a path to be envied by economists and business persons. Igor speaks of his investments career as a banker; his job is basing on engagement in the stock market. He believes he is an entrepreneur and his productive nature is from his hard work and the spirit to never give up. His background in stock management and his outstanding ideas in business has set him apart from the competition.

His background in education is vast. He did engineering at the Federal University of Parana. It was his initial interest until further notice when he decided to pursue economics at the Federal University. His adverse skills in the calculation at the time where computers and calculators were scarce it came in handy for him as he was able to fit into the job market right after graduation.

After his graduation, his debut into the economic world started with him landing a job in a bank. This job put in the landmark as he was among the best. Working as an investment banker ensured him roles that were top such as Chief Execution Office in Bank called Multibanco at the time.

Igor Cornelsen left the bank when Bank of America acquired Multibanco in 1978. In Brazil, he moved to work with the leading banks there called Unibanco until 1985 when he decided to get into Libra Bank PLC. In 2007, he had had one failure, when he went about his business by closing positions in commodities.

The moved marked his venture into the international financial world. He then went to London to represent Brazil in the Standard Charted Merchant. He learned a lot of and acquired knowledge that set the pace for him to start his own business of an investment firm.

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