Betsy Devos Enters a Reformer and A fighter

Betsy Devos Enters a Reformer and A fighter

It is no surprise that Betsy Devos has many critics and lovers at the same time. The Secretary of Education in Trump’s administration, Betsy Devos, is not shy from controversy if it means that it’s a fight he believes in. Much of his public interest from several quarters not only arises from his stay in the limelight but also from the fact that her husband Dick Devos is in the limelight. A political family who is also billionaires gives you all you need to know about why there is an interest for them.

Betsy Devos has over the years been a crusader for Charter schools. She is part of a larger group that believes that the taxes that are pumped to the traditional Public school system can be pumped to the Charter schools to increase competitiveness. Her strong belief in charter schools is also facilitated by her passion for giving low-income families choices. That gives low-income families the options of a charter school and not allow them to be muscled into accepting the traditional public school system for lack of choice.

A great woman driven by passion and relentless focus, Betsy Devos, has been involved in Republican Party activities in Detroit, Michigan where the family resides. One of the greatest mistakes the people who have dealt with her in the past have made would be taking her soft nature for weakness. Hence, underestimate her potential. That’s not the true reflection because when push comes to shove, she fights for what she truly believes.

Betsy Devos is among the very few great women who have a thick skin. She has been a subject of mockery, ridicule, and jokes but she has always answered back in kind, by success. The thickness of her skin was put to the test during her approval as the education secretary for Trump. The odds seemed to be going either way, but the odds finally could be in favor with one vote by Vice President Mike Pence. This is an expression of the fight in her and his tolerance for the tough decision.

Working with his boss and Ultimately the President of The USA Donald J Trump in the vision to Make America Great Again, Betsy Devos, also believes that the status quo needs to change. She is ready to support when there is the need and is also not shy to question that what seems reckless even from the superiors. An example is when Trump rescinded the federal law allowing the transgender students in school. Betsy Devos decided to warn the transgender representatives in education system without raising the alarm over the disagreement in the Trump administration.

She may have been born into a rich family and even was married to a political husband, but it’s no doubt that Betsy Devos has constantly and continuously fought for her space in the political world. She is result driven and by far a reformer. This does not eliminate the fact that in politics she will keep having critics, but for sure she will keep the focus on bringing reforms in the sector, and further help the Trump Administration Make America Great Again.


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