Bruno Fagali-The Mastermind Brazil Law Sector Needs

     Are you wondering who is Bruno Fagali? Have you heard or read about him? Probably you have the right answers for these two questions. All in all, Mr. Fagali is a widely acknowledged and a reputed attorney in Brazil. His has contributed greatly in the law sector and he specializes in urban law, ethics and administrative law. Other areas of specialty include compliance and regulatory law to name but a few. Fagali has incomparable experience in administrative law and over the years, he has built good reputation in the field.

Work Experience of Mr. Bruno Fagali

The number of years Bruno Fagali has been able to handle and solve many administrative law and related cases, make him an inspiration and a respected specialist in the field. He has worked in many law firms before. Today he runs his own law firm known as Bruno Law Firm. Bruno has been working independently and through his leadership, he has built a one-of-a-kind law agency. Not many workmates and practicing attorneys can match Bruno Fagali’s resume.

Bruno has also been providing robust law related information to his clients since he founded the Bruno Advocacy website. He has written articles that clients and those practicing law can relate with and learn. Through his firm, he has been offering consulting services and discussing many changes taking place in the legal sector worldwide. Besides his website, Bruno has also written for a several Brazilian journals that focus mostly on law.

Law Skills and Education

Bruno has been a prominent figure and professional in the law sector because of his passion for learning. He is an alumni of the University of Sao Paulo where he pursued state law. Administrative law has been his number one love and he holds a degree in the same field from the Pontifical Catholic University. His education passion and agility did not hinder him from pursuing a Master’s Degree at University of Sao Paulo.

Bruno amassed more law skills by doing voluntary work and seeking internships in many law institutions. Today, his law firm is among the leading companies in the Brazil. He has also been involved in many legal projects together with his team. Bruno has received numerous honors for his contributions to promote transparency in the law sector in Brazil. Those in need of legal help can also contact Mr. Bruno via LinkedIn.

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