Business Mogul; Livio Bisterzo

     Livio Bisterzo founded the Green Park holdings. Livio moved to the UK in 1999 and studied at London University of Arts. Livio is a family man and is married with three children. He began his career in the year 2003 when he started an events business. Later on, he created businesses ranging from hospitality, consumer brands to other lifestyle businesses. He has received several awards and recognition. In the year 2008, he took up a partnership RNA corporation to develop high-end men’s skincare products which are currently trading in 26 countries. In 2011 he acquired a beverage business known as Little Miracles which became the fastest growing SME and won several awards internationally. Currently, Little miracles have distribution centers In 18 countries.

Livio founded Green park with a vision to create multi-channel foods and drinks brands. The primary company objective is to better food for you. Green park launched its first brand hippeas in 2016.Hippeas which is an organic chicken pea puffs has high nutritional value with only 130 calories per serving,3 grams of fiber, 4 grams of proteins and are gluten-free. Asked why Hippeas Livio goes on to say that not only are they healthy but they have a social impact in the world, chicken peas release nitrogen back to the soil giving back to the earth. Hippeas comes in six flavors which include far out fajita, Vegan white cheddar, maple haze, pepper power, sriracha and happeni’ hickory. The product has gone through a lot of testing to get the crunchy product that appealed to the market. The company has also embarked on a marketing campaign by creating a bold brand that will help the products get easily noticed in the store shelves.

Green Park through its brand hippeas has stayed true to its mantra of peace love and give back by giving back to the community. Part of the profit from hippeas supports Farm Africa which helps support chicken pea farmers in developing countries to help them out of their poverty. The company has also invested in Ethiopia to develop a sustainable supply in Ethiopia. The company has pledged to buy land and invest in technology for the local farmers. They have also promised to create cooperatives that will provide the company with peas.

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