CEO Gregory Aziz Leads A Resurgence At National Steel Car

One of North America’s most beloved chief executives is National Steel Car’s CEO Gregory James Aziz. The London, Ontario, Canada native has breathed new life into the 105 year old company. He has also helped the Hamilton, Ontario community in which National Steel Car is located, to prosper. When Aziz purchased the railway freight car company among the first things he did was hire 2,400 people to begin the process of increasing National Steel Car’s annual production. Greg Aziz also invested in upgraded equipment while focusing on the design and engineering excellence for which the company was long known.


Within a short time of Gregory J Aziz becoming chairman, CEO and president of National Steel Car, the company’s annual railway freight car production rose from about 3,500 to over 12,000. The company is once again North America’s leading manufacturer of railway freight cars. The company’s freight car production standards are so high they have been certified ISO 9001:2008, the freight car industry’s highest rating, for 18 years in a row. Since 1996, National Steel Car has also consistently earned TTX SECO‘s annual award for manufacturing excellence. This has brought great honor to the Hamilton community and is something of which they’re very proud.


The great success of National Steel Car under the leadership of Gregory J Aziz has also been a boon to the social services organizations in Hamilton, Ontario. Aziz and the company’s staff regularly make generous donations to the local branch of the United Way and the Salvation Army. They also hold regular fundraisers to support the food banks in the community. These actions have been a great benefit to the people living in the Hamilton community and have improved their quality of life. The people there continually praise the on-going work of Greg Aziz and his staff. Visit This Page for more information.


The National Steel Car’s current management and staff’s commitment to the highest quality engineering and manufacturing practices continues a tradition started over 100 years ago. Through the vision and investments of Greg Aziz and the amazing work of the employees of the company, National Steel Car once again has a reputation internationally for being a world leader in railway freight car design and manufacturing. The staff constantly challenges itself to consistently raising the bar when it comes to efficiency, performance and on-time delivery. Their sense of purpose and core values have made National Steel Car a celebrated industry leader.


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