Doe Deere’s Morning Routine

For some people, a morning routine is everything. One common thing among successful people is that they have a unique routine which works for them. For Doe Deere, her morning routine is something which she cannot do without. It is almost like a daily ritual that defines her.

For those who do not know Doe Deere, she is the founder of Lime Crime, a beauty brand that took the industry by storm. The company was one of the earliest pioneers of the matter lipstick trend. Thanks to the beauty line, most women can now add a splash of color to their look. The main idea behind Lime Crime is to create beauty options which boost a woman’s confidence and self esteem.

Doe, who has been the face of her brand for many years now, got the inspiration to start Lime Crime after she failed to get makeup options that would complement her outfits. At the time, she was selling clothes on eBay and finding the right color of makeup to go with her outfits was almost impossible. An idea that was conceived out of necessity has now become one of the most celebrated brands by women from all over the world.

Doe’s Morning Routine

Doe loves to consider herself a morning person. She tried to get as much sleep as she can but she will always wake up at 8.30 in the morning, whether she sets her alarm clock or not. Getting sufficient sleep is one of her tips when it comes to maintaining youthful and healthy skin.

Once she wakes up, Doe loves to hydrate her body with a full glass of water. Since she lives in the dry Los Angeles weather, staying hydrated is one of the things on her priority list. After finishing a glass of water, she will do some exercises, which mainly involves stretching.

After stretching, she will start making her breakfast. Breakfast is a crucial part of Doe’s morning routine. She loves preparing fresh orange juice from oranges which grow in her garden. Her breakfast may also comprise yoghurt and cereal. She also loves fruits and will add some to her breakfast.

After having breakfast, Doe normally does her makeup. Her makeup usually begins with a face wash. Afterwards, she will moisturize her face before applying foundation. After applying foundation, she loves to powder her face so that the makeup sets and as she does her eyebrows. Afterwards, she will apply lipstick and blush.

Part of Doe’s morning routine also involves petting her adorable Persian cats. She will then leave her house and get to the office at about noon. This is usually her time to relax and have a meal before interacting with her team. She has an internal chat which helps her connect with them before arriving to the office. However, she tries to stay away from the internet in the morning. When she gets to the office, she can attend to her meetings and respond to emails. She gets back home at around six in the evening unless she has a busy schedule that would keep her at work past that hour.


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