Former UTC CEO Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a man’s whose reputation precedes him. It is impossible not to mention him when the word legacy is mentioned. He has incredible achievements before and after his stay in UTC as a CEO. His motto is a CEO the steward of the company, and as a steward, his work is to make the company better than he found it.

Emergence of UTC

In 1999 Louis was the president of Pratt and Whitney while working there, Louis had a gut feeling that a project he was working on the GTF engine was about to become big; he decided to merge United Technologies Corporation with Pratt and Whitney when he became the CEO of UTC.

Early Life

Louis was born in Quebec, Canada he received his bachelor’s degree from HEC Montreal in production management. Later he joined General Motors working for a maximum of 14 years and later joined Pratt and Whitney where he later became president. In 2006, Louis was given a position in UTC as CEO and later President.


In 2009, Louis received The Prestigious Honor Awards given by the National Museum Building, later in 2011 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by HEC and still went ahead to be named as “person of the year” by The Aviation Week & Space Technologies.

Chenevert’s Stay at UTC

Louis’ first vision for success was to hire people who get the job done; he pursued each employee to undertake employee scholar learning. The most motivating part was that the company footed the whole bill.

He believed in investing in people and technology. He figured the work of a CEO is to deliver results but at the same time envision long-term future success for the company and this is what he did for UTC. His willingness to commit himself and invest in technology and his employees have been the key ingredients in UTC’s success. His vision was to establish a driving force that will support future generations and the U.S economy. With Pratt& Whitney the vision is a success; supply chains that cut across the states.

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