Founder Bob Reina and his Global Networking Company, Talk Fusion, expands to India

In the past decade, the use of video marketing and communication has grown to be a major part of the business world, and Talk Fusion is one of the top video communication companies around the globe. The direct sales, video marketing company has been steadily growing over the past few years, and this month CEO Bob Reina announced that Talk Fusion is expanding to India and opening an office to serve all of India.


This expansion is immense for Bob Reina, founder and CEO of Talk Fusion and the high-quality video company. Reina explains his humble beginnings as a necessity because in 2004, he wanted to send a 10-second video to his Mom with a house he was looking at, but he couldn’t find a service to transmit it. Frustrated, he left his career as a police officer and committed to finding a suitable way to send videos.


He introduced an outstanding, high-tech Video Email that went around the globe to over 120 countries in the first year. Reina named his company Talk Fusion and has been increasing and improving the technology ever since. Talk Fusion created the All-in-One Video Solutions package, which includes Video Email, Video Chat, Live Meetings, Video Newsletters, Sign-up Forms, and a business evaluation program for small and medium businesses.


These products have grown tremendously in popularity in India, so the new office will be a dedicated support system that reaches out into the marketplace. The office is located in New Delhi, and since Talk Fusion’s expansion will offer impressive business opportunities, all who are connected are eager to get more details on the direct sales compensation plan. The new office will also be used for global training of Talk Fusion networkers. Talk Fusion is excited to be serving India, and the news about the new office has spread across the country already.


In 2017, Talk Fusion offered its incredible 30-day free trial of the All-in-one Solutions package. With only a valid email, no credit card information required, you can sign-up for this Free Trial. Go to Learn more:

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