Gregory Aziz Made Big Changes To National Steel Car Which Led To More Contracts Over Time

In the business of transportation, there is one business that has been around for many years. The National Steel Car business has been in the transportation business world for a number of years. The business was founded in 1912 and has only had a small number of owners since the beginning.

In the latest, National Steel Car has landed a very prestigious account for the assembly of rail cars or better known as rolling stock cars. The latest account will call for the assembly of 1000 grain cars to be rolled off the assembly line. Previously, the grain cars that were being used were going on 30 years or more. Most of them were failing during the process of transport either through the failure to move or empty and fill. Because these cars have caused delays, the business in grain is suffering.

With a new bill being passed, the transportation of grain will cause someone to be fined if the delivery of the grain is not done on schedule. The fines will be heavily applied to the business holding up the delivery. For this reason, the new rolling grain cars will help to keep everything rolling smoothly said Greg Aziz, the owner and CEO of National Steel Car.

Greg Aziz has helped to bring National Steel Car back to its previous standing position. There had been a period of time where the slowing of business took place. In 1994, the business has dwindled down and little orders were being received. The production and assembly of cars had dropped to 3500 cars per year.

Since Gregory James Aziz took over the business, the assembly and production of rail cars jumped to over 12000 cars per year. Not only did the number of orders go up, so did the number of people who worked for the company. The beginning number of people who worked for National Steel Car was at 500 employees and jumped to over 3000 people soon after the takeover. See This Page for more information.

With initial order for the grain cars, the beginning of the order is going to call for 1000 cars to be finished in a 2 year period. From there, the additional 4900 cars will be completed. Overall the number of grain hopper cars that are to be built is close to almost 6000 rail cars. An order for 350 lumber cars was also placed with National Steel Car to be completed.


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