Heather Russell Takes New Leadership Role with TransUnion

Heather Russell has spent the past 20 years in related experience in a diverse range of legal fields that have given her more than enough qualities and empowered skill set to occupy her new position with excellence. As of June 4 she effective immediately now the current Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer for TransUnion.

With her highly trained skills in the privacy and security sector for data, financial services, compliance, both acquisition and mergers of corporations, and experience with the company Fintech. Her responsibilities include, but are not limited to relationship managing between the legal services with government operations. The current CEO and president of TransUnion, Jim Peck, will also be hearing directly from all the work that is done by had the rustle in terms of her work in the privacy functions of TransUnion and how the company does with compliance while operating in corporate government. CEO Jim pack also stated how he highly believes in her in capabilities and terms of bringing many qualities that are both relevant and effective for the current needs of trans Union as he plans on taking the company to the next level. As an addition to the leadership team he believes that Heather Russell will be able to contribute many solutions and strategies that will benefit their consumers. Solutions that are groundbreaking and capable of transcending past local assistance, but solutions that will benefit consumers worldwide.

TransUnion is a company that provides several business ideas and business solutions for their clients helping them to make wise decisions in terms of their practice while also finding solutions that are beneficial for the company and those that they service as well as lining up with the right clients the specific products and services that would bring greater efficiency to the company. Connect with Russell on Facebook.

Recommended reading: https://newsroom.transunion.com/heather-russell-joins-transunion-as-chief-legal-officer/

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