Jason Hope Continues to Uphold Anti-Aging Research

     The Conference for the Rejuvenation Biotechnology is hosted by the SENS Research Foundation yearly. Aubrey de Grey told everyone present that conference in important, and the objective of the conference every individual’s donations can contribute greatly to assist in the development medicines that can fight against the destructive consequences of aging. Specialists and professionals who attend the symposium come to impart their knowledge or learn more about the remedies for molecular and cellular damage, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and cancer.

Other concern within the gathering’s agenda includes enhancing preventative methodologies which also includes developing the industry of rejuvenation biotechnology. SENS Foundation is a non-profit institute that subsists on the support of researchers, scientists, and investors like Jason Hope.

Jason Hope has been a continuous supporter of the SENS Foundation, and has given the foundation $500,000 in 2010. Along with other donations SENS was able to have a site center named the Cambridge SENS Laboratory. Some of the donations were used to begin a new program of research.

The SENS Foundation has been developing the AGE-breaker program. AGE is a term for particular body wastes that are deposited within the body’s system overtime that causes destructive diseases. To conform to the AGE breaker criterion, a treatment of drug must be able to prevent the onset and product build-up of advanced glycation end (AGE). AGE is the main causative factor that brings about age related ailments. The diseases which are termed age related are illnesses that occur when people grow older.

AGE and AGE-breaker studies and research for the past years unfortunately have not come up with a positive result, probably because the experiments were done on laboratory animals that have numerous genetic differences with humans. It was then that researchers realize that there is also a difference in animals and humans when it comes to the process of aging.

Although there are no conclusive treatments found yet for anti-aging diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, atherosclerosis, heart diseases, etc. Jason Hope remains optimistic that a positive discovery will soon emerge.

Born in Arizona, Jason Hope finished his Finance degree at the Arizona State University. Next, he took and earned his MBA at the W.P. Carey School of Business. After attending business school, he established a business that made him successful at an early age.

Presently, Jason Hope is engaged in various businesses and sponsors educational grants to deserving students in Arizona. He continues to donate generously to anti-aging research causes since it is one of his foremost concerns.

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