JD.com: Changing The Way That Online Retailers Do “Green”


The number of packages that JD.com sends out on a daily basis is astronomical. This can create an expansive carbon footprint. Unfortunately, that is bad for the environment. It must be one of the reasons why JD.com, which is also known as Jingdong Mall has recently decided to put more effort into a reusable package initiative.

Their corporate blog features the article “JD.com Launches New Reusable Package Initiative”. This article is meant to detail their new reusable package initiative and how it is going to have a positive effect on the environment. The new packaging initiative is going to be free. Customers need not worry about having to pay extra on their orders to accommodate this type of system. They are given the option to select the “green box”. This “green box” will allow them to send packages back and forth up to 10 different times. That increases the usage of these packages significantly.

The packaging is currently only available for small and medium items currently. There is an exception for fresh food and other items that could potentially open consumers up to any type of foodborne illness.

Jingdong is interested in helping the environment, but they have also thought through what is acceptable to send with these items. Customers will be delighted to find that they are able to utilize the service to deliver their jewelry, watches, makeup, and other personal products. It is a way for the company to drastically reduce their footprint. In fact, they estimate that they can save more than 32.5 million RMB if this were used on merely 10% of the orders they receive today.

In addition to looking for better shipping containers for their products, Jingdong Mall is also looking for ways to make the shipping packaging a lot more recyclable. They are trying to overhaul the process and make it as green as possible. Their hope is that more than 80% of the new packaging will be recyclable in some type of way. This is not the only stuff that they are taking towards being a greener company. They have also launched two fleets that run on alternative fuel methods. The hydrogen and solar power delivery vehicles have already been enjoying widespread usage in major cities like Shanghai. Go Here to learn more.

Source article: https://www.businessinsider.com/who-is-the-amazon-of-china-alibaba-dangdang-or-jingdong-2011-9

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