JD.com Leads Enterprises In Sustainable Production And Consumption Initiatives


JD.com is an established electronic commerce enterprise in China. The enterprise is the leading organization in China operating business online regarding revenue collected by the government. The company is led through the values of professionalism and integrity and continues to focus on the satisfaction of the customers’ needs.

JD.com deals with a wide variety of consumer goods ranging from household goods and fresh foods to electronics and clothing. The company prides itself to having a team of professional staff who offer quality services. The company’s chief executive officer and founder, Richard Liu has stressed the mission of the company in the provision of high-quality goods and services.

JD.com has made use of modern technologies in operating its business. The company has made critical, innovative technologies to help in supply chain management for small and medium enterprises. The small and medium companies are now able to track inventory in a fast and reliable method.JD.com also participates in charity work through its giving platform.

The company gives donations more than four million dollars to support more than six hundred charity programs that it runs.JD.com also value the concept of “Corporate Social Responsibility” and has actively participated in giving back to the society.

JD.com’s Effort In Environmental Conservation

JD.com has also played a leading role in environmental sustainability. The company has worked hard to incorporate measures to cut on wastage and reduction of waste production in all its departments. Some of JD.com’s projects that have helped in reduction of waste include Green Steam Initiative and Recycling Program. The recycling program advocates for sustainable consumption and calls for consumers to adopt these measures to live a healthy life with less wastage of resources.

The company’s advanced technology has also helped the consumers to receive goods and supplies in a fast and timely manner. The company has enabled the consumers to enjoy a variety of products from all over the world through a click of the mouse.JD.com has also reduced wastage through its packaging and delivery program by use of biodegradable packaging box. The company gives the customers the opportunity to return the boxes for reuse by other customers hence cutting on wastage. Refer to This Article for related information.


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