JD.com’s Partnership With Rakuten Inc.

JD.com is China largest online and offline retailer. Jingdong has brought about technological advancements in China. Through JD.com retail in China is carried out using technology. Operations like delivery services and customers analysis are all computerized. JD has brought economic growth and expansion of the retail market in China.

Over the years JD.com has partnered up with various business entities to expand their area of operation and to make use of Jingdong’s technology. Jingdong has partnership across China and in other states too. JD.com deals with a variety of goods and services. Jingdong provides services to individuals all over China to those in remote and mountainous areas as well as in urban regions.

JD.com recently signed a contract with Rakuten Inc that will enable Rakuten to make use of Jingdong’s technology. Rakuten will make use of drone and delivery services in the Unmanned Delivery Solutions. Rakuten Inc is a Japan-based e-commerce firm. The partnership will allow Jingdong to combine their advanced technology of drone and robot development with Rakuten’s operations in delivering services. The two firms will partner on the Unmanned Delivery Services and provide a wide range of services to citizens across Japan.

In 2016, Rakuten launched its first drone, since then Rakuten has gained expertise on drones through making deliveries and working with other firms. Rakuten Inc carried out its first trial in 2018. It consisted of drones and a few delivery robots.Koji Ando, the Group Managing Executive at Rakuten Inc, is delighted to be partnering up with Jingdong. Koji hopes that through the corporation and the use of drones and delivery robots, Japan will grow as a logistics sector and there will be increased innovation in the country. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Koji also believes that through the use of the two technologies Japan will build a more economical and beneficial society that will provide for the Japanese. JD.com started working on drones back in 2015, and by 2016 they had released the first drone worldwide. Jingdong has drone operations in several states and countries. JD.com also launched a drone in Indonesia. The drone gained government approval this year and has set a platform for the development of more drones in the country.


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