Jeunesse Global takes on big names in the energy drink business

Common wisdom in business says that it is foolish to try to take on established names in any given industry directly. While it may appear from a distance that international health and beauty manufacturer Jeunesse Global has successfully done just that, upon closer inspection, it is revealed that the ways in which the company has been able to successfully compete more frequently involved not competing directly with the biggest established names. Instead, the company has taken radically new approaches to old product types, in the process synthesizing things that are entirely new and groundbreaking.

One example of this approach can be seen with the company’s energy drink, Nevo. Jeunesse founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis always knew that they wanted to add an energy drink to the company’s product lineup. But they didn’t want to directly go after the likes of Red Bull and Amway XS energy drink. Instead, Jeunesse would focus on creating an entirely new kind of energy drink, one that broke all the old rules on how such products should be conceived.

From the beginning, Nevo was to be a product that relied on almost completely natural ingredients. While many other energy drink manufacturers have infused their products with a veritable slurry pond of synthetic chemicals, Jeunesse opted instead to go for ingredients like acai, natural caffeine extracts, green tea and yerba mate. Incredibly, Jeunesse was able to devise a drink that packed the same knockout energy punch of competing products. But Nevo is able to do it without the use of a single synthetic chemical.

One of the welcome results of this all-natural approach is that Nevo can give users the same long-lasting energy boost as competing products but without the intense crash period that usually comes after. When using Nevo, many users have reported that the energy boost is much cleaner than with Red Bull, which leaves many users jittery and unable to function just a few hours after having consumed the beverage.

Nevo, on the other hand, delivers a clean energy increase throughout the day, without the precipitous drop off in energy a few hours after use.

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