Jojo Hedaya Winning The Battle Over Junk Mail


Jojo Hedaya the CEO and co-founder of Unroll. Me and his business partner Josh Rosenwald realized that one of the biggest problems people had with email was the amount of junk mail that was being sent. It became such a problem for most people that they could not respond to their important emails because there was just too much junk mail causing great confusion. They created Unroll.Me which scans the inbox in just a matter of seconds and consolidates all the subscriptions into one single email known as “The Rollup”.

Afterward, this can be scrolled through and if there is anything you do not need you can unsubscribe from it with one click. The unique idea was that first of all it had to be easy to use. Then having all subscriptions right in front of a person made it easy to look through them all and unsubscribe from anything with one click. This was what Jojo Hedaya realized made Unroll.Me completely different from other similar services.

Having the right business model is an important thing and it was not long before Jojo Hedaya and Rosenwald realized they had done it right. They have over a million users; have saved their users the time it took to check their emails and the app has stopped over 5 billion emails from getting into their users’ inboxes. Go Here for additional information.

Having become successful the Unroll.Me app was bought by Rakuten and seeing that it had an impressive growth Jojo Hedaya and his partner Rosenwald have now both joined Slice, a subsidiary of Rakuten. The free app has made money that is based on advertisement run inside the app. The best part is that now Unroll. Me and Slice have the opportunity to create new apps and provide new advantages for their clients. The Unroll. Me team will be able to return their focus on to their product and users while Slice will work on the business operations.



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