Kamil Idris: From Intellectual Property to Sustainable Development

April 26th is World Intellectual Property Day. It is a day when people gather together to pay homage to the inventors of our past and reflect on the progress that individuals have made for the betterment of society. Intellectual property is important because many individuals is their livelihood and what sets them apart from everyone else. When someone contributes in a major way to society, they should be put in a position where they can be compensated or recognized for that contribution. Intellectual property is sometimes the only thing that these inventors have. It is important to protect those that help contribute to society in order to continue to support growth.


This is one of the main functions of The World Intellectual Property Organization, they want to be a driving force behind the encouragement of creative processes and a protector of the property that comes from it. A recent article featured on Ie-Forum.nl discusses some of the important things that contribute to intellectual property rights. No one understands the importance of intellectual property more than Prof. Kamil Idris. Prof. Kamil Idris, once the director of WIPO, has been a champion for intellectual property from the very beginning.


Currently, Prof. Kamil Idris is the president of WASD, The World Association for Sustainable Development. In one way or another, he is interested in preserving the things that are most important to society. In his current role, Prof. Kamil Idris is working with professionals from all over the world to create more awareness when it comes to sustainable development. There is a lot of science and technology out there that can be aimed at bolstering the sector of the building population, it is simply up to individuals to take that matter into their own hands. Much like WIPO, WASD is fighting for the future of the human race. When it comes to the planet we live on, or the ideas that we come up with, it is important to create a layer of protection to help foster creativity and growth. Prof. Kamil Idris has been pushing for this human awareness for much of his career.



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