Luiz Carlos Trabuco views and influence with Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco views on the economic recovery in Brazil

It’s too early to celebrate Brazil’s economic recovery. The reason for this is because of the lack of reform in holes that still exist within the economic structure. However, in the past couple of months, we have seen steady improvements within the economy..

According to Luiz Trabuco seen this kind of pattern of recovery is normal when it Society is recovering from the economic recession. It does not mean that things are going to recover overnight but that according to True Beck oh this is a sign of progress.

The best way according to Luiz to really fix the economy is to put a ceiling on government spending. It’s best to do this sooner than later is to prevent further harm to the economy. Although we have seen Improvement it’s important to remember that according to Luiz, reform is a necessary part of this recovery.

Another key point that he made was about the pension plans for government employees compared to employees in the private sector. How spending has gotten out of control for pensions in the public sector by giving government employees pensions that are 10 to 15 times higher than those in the private sector.

Road to recovery

As people like Luiz Trabuco in other prominent CEOs in the area communicate with government employees about spending in ways to reform the country’s economy, we should see improvements in the long run. As CEOs continue to contribute to the reform in Brazil we are likely to see an increase in that habits in Waze at the government enforces.

These types of insights and habits should provide greater economic relief in prosperity over the next coming years for all of Brazil. However, there is still a lot of road to travel on and changes to be made.

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