Marc Sparks Provides Top-Tier Marketing for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks is a noted entrepreneur who has brought forth dozens of startup ideas and he uses a highly developed instinct to sniff out opportunities that others may consider worthless. He considers it a challenge to develop concepts that others believe is useless and receives a special pleasure in helping long shots find success. Sparks has created and nurtured dozens of entrepreneurial ideas throughout his time and he’s very passionate about helping others with their ideas as well.

Timber Creek Capital is his firm and they specialize in helping businesses become viable entities from concept to reality. They offer resources in abundance that help ideas come to fruition and much of the expertise comes from Sparks himself. His passion for entrepreneurialism isn’t only about his own success even though there has been plenty of that. He is all about paying it forward and rejoices in playing a role and helping others succeed as well.

One of his ventures is called MarcUSA and it is a Pittsburgh ad agency that helps startups get off the ground in the great city. They are one of Pittsburgh’s largest agencies and they are engaged with an initiative called Marketing Sparks and it enables new businesses to utilize top-level marketing to help their ideas grow and take root.

This program facilitates the business development process and gives entrepreneurs a greater shot at success. The program consists of intensive three-hour sessions in which participants along with skilled marketers put forth strategic and tactical marketing communications ideas. With skilled marketing coming in at the beginning of a startup’s life the chances of success are maximized.

This type of program can help attract the best customers, employees, and investors all of which are crucial to getting a new business up and running. Marketing Sparks has become a part of the vibrant startup community in Pittsburgh, which is particularly conducive to new businesses and entrepreneurs. Learn more:

While Marc Sparks has enjoyed a tremendous level of success with his entrepreneurial endeavors, he also enjoys engaging in philanthropy and giving back to his community in various forms. One of his efforts is with Habitat for Humanity in the realm of home construction for needy families. He has personally helped build approximately a dozen homes in this capacity.

On a personal level, Marc Sparks enjoys outdoor activities to combat the stress of his high-powered job. Hunting, fishing, and hiking are just three outdoor activities that he participates in with the same enthusiasm that he brings to his business life.

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