Michael Burwell Discusses Success And Positivity


Willis Towers Watson recently acquired a new Chief Financial Officer after their former retired in October of last year. Michael Burwell is taking over the position that Roger Millay vacated and is bringing 31 years of relevant experience with him. His expertise with mergers including valuation and due diligence as well as audit and transaction services will prove vital during his time at Willis Towers Watson. Michael Burwell is known for his ability to achieve results within a global economy.

John Haley, the CEO of Willis Towers Watson, believes that Michael Burwell will fit perfectly within the company and will prove valuable to their efforts to grow and change. He understands how to manage issues within a company and how to take care of clients by making them the first priority. The former CFO was able to drive a good amount of success for Willis Towers Watson and put it in a good position for Michael Burwell to take over and move forward. Haley is thankful for everything he did for the company before making the decision to retire.

Michael Burwell and Willis Towers Watson are based in the city of Detroit, Michigan. He focuses on looking at the world as a whole when making his business decisions. In addition to being a success in the business world, he is a dedicated father who finds himself constantly inspired by his daughter.

In the business world, Michael Burwell tries to stay positive no matter what odds he is up against. When there’s a win, it’s important to celebrate it with the whole team that accomplished it. When there’s a loss, it’s good to discuss what caused the problems and what can be done to improve the next time around. It’s important to accept that an effort has been a failure and to not keep putting money into it because you’ve already invested a lot. While many may see stopping as a failure, you may be preventing a much bigger loss than if you had continued investing money and time into it. Michael Burwell recounts a particular situation in which the market changed after having spent millions and he was relieved that they didn’t spend millions more.


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