Nick Vertucci Elaborates His Success through His Book- Seven Figure Decisions

While pursuing your success story, you will encounter many obstacles and you will have to find a solution to each obstacle that you face. Many people have failed to achieve their goals in life since they chose to quit instead of countering the challenges accordingly. On the other hand, people like Nick Vertucci stayed strong despite how hard life has been on them. Vertucci has written a book titled Seven Figure Decisions. The book is more of a biography detailing the challenges that Vertucci faced in the past before becoming the prominent real estate entrepreneur he is today.

After reading through the Seven Figure Decisions, you will get a clear picture of the steps that Vertucci applied to gain financial freedom. Many people are inspired by the rags to riches story. Vertucci is now inspiring people through the Seven Figure Decisions since it details his story and the challenges that he encountered before attaining his current success story.

Before joining the real estate industry, Vertucci created a cash flow system which he managed with the help of his business partner. Later on, Nick Vertucci became good friends with an investor who had a real estate training company. Vertucci and his business partner became part of the company whereby they would teach the students at the academic about cash flow. While at the academy, Vertucci learnt more about the real estate industry. At some point, the academy started performing poorly thereby becoming obsolete. Although the real estate training academy was no more, Vertucci and his partner had gained some profit by selling properties to the students.

Although the owner of the real estate academy was a close friend to Vertucci, he didn’t get along well with Vertucci’s business partner. Despite their differences, the owner of the real estate academy and Vertucci’s business partner were able to overthrow Nick Vertucci from his cash flow business venture. Later on, Vertucci formed a partnership with a guy named Scott. The partnership was shaky so Vertucci contacted Scott and told him that he was leaving the operations. Scott appreciated Vertucci’s integrity and advised Vertucci to open a real estate training company. Even though Vertucci did not have the necessary tools, Scott helped Vertucci. Currently, Nick Vertucci is the founder of a renowned real estate academy.

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