Obsidian Energy Blazes A New Path Under Its New Name

Several shareholders are excited and ready to watch what destination Obsidian Energy‘s CEO, David L. French, will lead the team towards the future.

Obsidian energy has managed to accomplish an efficient regular release about 30,000 boe every single day. This particular energy company is a medium sized business and is engaged in the output of both oil as well as gasoline. Furthermore, Obsidian Energy possesses an impressively well-balanced portfolio, which actually boasts numerous high-quality assets.

Obsidian Energy operates throughout an area of the market that underwent tons of major changes through the years, and the energy industry is poised to to change at an even greater speed than anybody could have predicted. Obsidian Energy, all the same, is fully determined to adjust and adapt to the market place’s fluctuating environment and achieve constant growth. The team is ready to turn out successful results for the long term.

Within the organization, one of the biggest focuses is accountability. Obsidian is devoted not just to its loyal shareholders, but also vows to show accountability to its partners in business and to its local community.

In previous years, the company was called Penn West Petroleum Ltd. As a result of some big developments withing the company, especially on a structural level, a vote was taken on whether or not to change the organization’s name. 92 percent of shareholders were in favor of the name change. Find Related Information Here.

The company formerly name Penn West Petroleum Ltd. is now moving through the industry as Obsidian Energy Ltd. According to David L. French, the organization’s CEO, a new and exciting future awaits Obsidian Energy after its recent name change.

The organization is planning to pursue a goal of modest growth throughout the first three years under its new name. In addition to having a new name, Obsidian is now at the strongest, most efficient, leanest and most capable point in its entire history.


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