Oxford Club Says Bitcoin is Worthy Currency after it Hits the $10,000 Mark

Bitcoin hit the $10,000 mark in 2017, says Samuel Taube, Managing Editor, Investment U, the educational arm of Oxford Club. It was no mean achievement for a currency that financial experts worldwide wrote off and viewed with absolute contempt a couple of years ago. Even more amazing is the way bitcoin is now a global form of the buying and selling of commodities.

In Asia, which accounts for over 75 percent of bitcoin-based transactions, the Korean won, and the Japanese yen exchange with bitcoin quite reasonably. Bitcoin is an increasingly popular currency in South Africa, Venezuela, and Estonia.

Bitcoin Increases in Popularity

While the dramatic increase in the popularity is welcome news to the investors who bet on the currency a long time ago, many finance sector entrepreneurs and foreign exchange bidders who dismissed bitcoin as a worthless may be living in regrets. Oxford Club opines that it may be late purchase bitcoin and make profits.

The Future of Cryptocurrency

A commentary appearing on the Oxford Club website suggests it may have been wrong to regard bitcoin as a bitcoin. The bullish behavior and the sudden rise of bitcoin’s value in 2017 shows that the currency will continue to enjoy a wild run in the future. For now, Oxford Club thinks that investors should adopt a wait and see attitude, for no one can say with certainty how bitcoin will behave in 2018 and beyond. Oxford Club concludes that cryptocurrency will have big gains in the years ahead.

The Baltimore, Maryland-based Oxford Club is a financial publisher providing information about market-beating returns globally. As a way of empowering the subscribers, Oxford Club also equips the members with the skills to prosper financially and preserve wealth.

80,000 Oxford Club Members

As of 2017, Oxford Club had 80,000 active members spread in 100 countries. Oxford Club has a well-researched and highly informative monthly newsletter, which offers education about international trade. The Oxford Club, which is an Agora subsidiary, also organizes overseas investment trips, symposiums, and financial seminars.

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