Investment Portfolio of DAMAC Owner, Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is an investor that strives to invest and develop property with around-the-globe expansion. He has been and remains the Founder, majority shareholder, and Chairman of DAMAC Properties in the United Arab Emirates since 2002. Being the DAMAC owner is what Hussain Sajwani is well-known for but he is also a majority shareholder of the 50-story luxury tower development called the Aykon London One with interior by Versace Home located in the United Kingdom. One of his greatest business endeavors includes a joint venture partnership with the Oman government to develop a world-class lifestyle destination named Mina Al Sultan Qaboos in Oman.

The DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani has a few other business ties in Oman as well. First being the majority shareholder in Al Jazeira Services Company SAOG, a leading catering and services support company. Next is majority shareholdership in Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co, the first and leading manufacturer of ceramic tiles in Oman. And last is majority shareholdership in Al Amana Building Materials, a highly regarded building materials company. From there, DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani chose the Maldives to develop a five-star luxury resort where he sits as the owner and developer.

Other investments from Hussain Sajwani include equities and bonds in Germany, France, and the United Kingdim financials and real estate. Investments from the DAMAC owner in the United States include in technology, artificial intelligence, biotech, healthcare, robotics, and Silicon Valley venture capital and hedge funds.

Hussain Sajwani has shown great leadership with his calculated decision-making and an overall smart investment strategy. He has taken a lot of risk over his time, but many of the companies he has invested in have grown to become giants. The future looks bright with the DAMAC owner, and it would not be surprising to see more properties being developed by him all over the world. Maybe even in a city near you.

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Bruno Fagali-The Mastermind Brazil Law Sector Needs

     Are you wondering who is Bruno Fagali? Have you heard or read about him? Probably you have the right answers for these two questions. All in all, Mr. Fagali is a widely acknowledged and a reputed attorney in Brazil. His has contributed greatly in the law sector and he specializes in urban law, ethics and administrative law. Other areas of specialty include compliance and regulatory law to name but a few. Fagali has incomparable experience in administrative law and over the years, he has built good reputation in the field.

Work Experience of Mr. Bruno Fagali

The number of years Bruno Fagali has been able to handle and solve many administrative law and related cases, make him an inspiration and a respected specialist in the field. He has worked in many law firms before. Today he runs his own law firm known as Bruno Law Firm. Bruno has been working independently and through his leadership, he has built a one-of-a-kind law agency. Not many workmates and practicing attorneys can match Bruno Fagali’s resume.

Bruno has also been providing robust law related information to his clients since he founded the Bruno Advocacy website. He has written articles that clients and those practicing law can relate with and learn. Through his firm, he has been offering consulting services and discussing many changes taking place in the legal sector worldwide. Besides his website, Bruno has also written for a several Brazilian journals that focus mostly on law.

Law Skills and Education

Bruno has been a prominent figure and professional in the law sector because of his passion for learning. He is an alumni of the University of Sao Paulo where he pursued state law. Administrative law has been his number one love and he holds a degree in the same field from the Pontifical Catholic University. His education passion and agility did not hinder him from pursuing a Master’s Degree at University of Sao Paulo.

Bruno amassed more law skills by doing voluntary work and seeking internships in many law institutions. Today, his law firm is among the leading companies in the Brazil. He has also been involved in many legal projects together with his team. Bruno has received numerous honors for his contributions to promote transparency in the law sector in Brazil. Those in need of legal help can also contact Mr. Bruno via LinkedIn.

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The DAMAC Owner, Hussain Sajwani, Is A Winner

AYKON Maldives is a place of leisure that exists on an island in the Maldives. The Maldives is a beautiful nation of islands that are located in the Indian Ocean. The islands are atolls that are built up from coral. From an aerial view, one can see the ocean floor through crystal blue waters. The Maldives are pretty far from other landmasses. The closest landmass that they are near is the southern tip of India, though they are still not really close to India. There is a top-notch resort that includes pools, fitness areas and good food.

The government of Oman and Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, are working together to create a luxury area full of recreational opportunities. This place is called Mina al Sultan Qaboos. About one billion American dollars will be invested in this project to turn the area into a prime tourist spot. Soon, because of the efforts of Hussain Sajwani, this place will be a hot spot on the map—it will be a dream. The DAMAC owner will turn it into a wonderful playground where at least a few westerners will forget that they aren’t in the west, and do something seemingly mundane that will land them in jail.

When Hussain Sajwani was a young man, he enrolled in a degree program at the University of Washington. His experiences in America were both shocking and interesting. Everything in the United States was larger, more developed and in more quantity. Walking into 100,000 square foot Walmart and Kmart locations blew his mind because, back in Dubai, the largest store was only 2,000 square feet. He had only gone to that store once every month to get chocolate.

According to, in 1982, he finished his degree and started a career at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. Eventually, he started Global Logistics Services, a catering service that became very successful and is still around. The future DAMAC owner could not wait to start his own business—he had an entrepreneurial impulse. The DAMAC owner got involved in real estate and eventually boosted himself up to the level of being in the list of the top ten richest Arabs.

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What is Talk Fusion?

Talk Fusion is an online marketing company that makes it easy for other companies and startups to harness the power of video – embedded videos, video chatt groups, even private one-on-one video conferencing. Launched in 2007, Talk Fusion is a popular one-stop-shop for online video marketing solutions.


How can you use Talk Fusion? Well, start simple: you know those email newsletters you still send to your customers? Consider adding embedded media into your newsletters to increase views and clickthroughs. Do you offer technical support to your customers? Consider adding self-help videos to your FAQ to decrease the number of emails and calls your customer service department handles. Or if you’re looking for ways to add a more personalized touch to your portfolio of services, you can use Talk Fusion to offer one-on-one video conferencing with customers.


Talk Fusion stands out from the crowd of online marketing solutions because it gets right to the heart of the matter: enabling companies to utilize and implement their tools almost effortlessly. Talk Fusion is all about mass-marketing appeal, meaning that the company’s tools work for all markets and all demographics. Companies come to Talk Fusion to utilize their services in order to stand out to and connect to their clientele. So whether your company sells yachts or timeshares to property in Florida, you’ll be able to provide the unique and tailored video presentation and conferencing options your customers are clamoring for. Visit Talk Fusion online and check out their articles and videos to see what they can do for you.


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Any Goal Is Welcome for HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors is willing to help clients with their finances. The best part is that it does not matter what type of financial goals the person has when it comes to his finances. You do not have to be planning for retirement. You can go to HCR Wealth Advisors if you are planning to just bring his finances to a higher level.

One thing that HCR Wealth Advisors thrive on is relationships. They learn about the needs of each client before they work on meeting these needs. They also help the client learn how to handle his own finances so that he does not have to depend on any financial institution to do it for them. For one thing, it can be costly for the client who does not learn how to handle his finances. However, this registered investment advisory firm knows not to lecture clients. Instead, the approach they take with the client is being a friendly equal to their client so that they will be able to better grasp the concepts that are being presented to them.

Clients can feel comfortable talking with HCR Wealth Advisors (@HCRwealth) about what they are planning with their finances. They do not have to feel embarrassed or as if they are being judged by the advisor. The advisor can work with them to come up with a plan that is workable without resorting to discouragement. This will not only help the client figure out what they can do as far as their finances are concerned but also make them feel comfortable around their professionals and advisors. The advisors of this company are engaged with the clients. View HCR Wealth’s career history here.


HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

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Guilherme Paulus: Becoming A Billionaire Through The Tourism Sector

The tourism sector is a growing industry in Brazil. Back in 2017, the country received more than six million foreign tourists, pouring in billions into the country’s income. The government of Brazil is now seriously considering tourism as a viable source of income for the country, and they are now focusing on the development of more facilities that would cater to the tourists. Before the tourism boom in Brazil, one man has already foreseen it to happen.

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian businessman who managed to create the largest tour operator services firm in the country. He is also the owner of the GJP Hotels and Resorts that has been operating since 2005.

Long before the Brazilian government has seen the potential of tourism in the country to grow, Guilherme Paulus already knew that it would become big someday. He founded the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. in 1972, partnering with a politician who is serving locally. The company that they created would soon become the largest tour operator services firm in Latin America, and after his partner left him in 1976, he was managing the business alone, making him an independent decision maker. Guilherme Paulus also realized the need for more facilities that would cater to the tourists, so he decided to construct a chain of hotels and resorts in 2005. Presently, there are 15 locations where the GJP Hotels and Resorts are built, and his facilities have been attracting tourists because of their strategic location and world-class hospitality services. The World Cup back in 2014 and the Summer Olympics held in 2016 have also propelled Brazil into the world stage, and many travelers who are curious about the nation’s culture and tradition started to come over and experience it themselves.

Guilherme Paulus is now considered as one of the richest men in Brazil, and his net worth has reportedly reached $1 billion. This prompted the Forbes magazine to come over and investigate, and they found out that the news about his net worth is real. Guilherme Paulus is the newest billionaire on earth, and he will be joining other billionaires on the magazine’s special issue concerning the billionaires that are changing the world.

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Ryan Seacrest: Information on Work and Routine

Ryan Seacrest was born in Atlanta, Georgia on December 24th 1974. He’s a disk jockey, and producer. He also host’s both television and radio shows. Ryan Seacrest also made an appearance in a movie from 2007 playing himself. In the scene which take places in E! News (where he works). He’s really angry in apparent way when Jessica Simpson is late for an interview. Seacrest’s done many things in Hollywood. For example, continues the production company with the Kardashians. He also, conduct’s interviews with celebrities each award season on the red carpet. This is while preventing real life meltdowns.

All of those tasks are done by Seacrest by working rapidly and efficiently. Something Seacrest learned was the tool of consolidation. A big secret he has to get all those tasks done is by having the mindset to get things done in a fast pace. Seacrest doesn’t take breaks for lunch. He also doesn’t go to lunch meetings and hasn’t done one for more than ten years. He has lunch, that’s either a shake or a food in plastic container. He would eat in car, desk, or even in form of standing up. Check out this article from the New York Times and read about his work out routine.

One show he hosts is “American Idol”, which after almost two years came back “ABC” for a reboot. Also, in television he’s a co-host of the “Disney” and “ABC” morning talk show “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. This is morning talk show that’s syndicated. In radio he hosts a morning show called “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”. This is a nationally syndicated show from Los Angeles. According to the Hollywood Report, he also hosts a countdown show called “American Top 40”. He is also involved in philanthropy in an organization called the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. In pediatric hospitals all around the country there are ten “Seacrest Studios”, which are centers of broadcast media. Ryan Seacrest also has a thriving enterprise of lifestyle. This includes a line for men’s skincare that’s called “Distinction”. This is an exclusive at the store of “Macy’s”. This is shined by Dr. Lancer in an association with Dr. Harold Lancer.

Follow Seacrest on Twitter as @RyanSeacrest

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Gregory Aziz Builds National Steel Car Into Railroad Empire

Gregory James Aziz is the CEO of National Steel Car. He bought the company in 1994 and transformed it into a railroad car empire. He used the technique of establishing the best product on the market to further his business. He gradated from college with a degree in economics and helped his family in their business; during these times he learned all that he needed to live in the financial world.


National Steel Car has grown to produce billions of dollars in profits. Gregory Aziz told his railroad engineers that they needed to produce a better railway car. They told him that it would be extremely difficult. Greg Aziz transferred millions of dollars into the researching sector of National Steel Car to make it happen. Within a few years, the engineers did it. They produced a railway car that was faster and more efficient.

Up until this point, National Steel Car was struggling. It had battled to stay alive since the 1930’s and the Great Depression. During this depression, the company had to resort to making other types of products as railway cars were not in demand. When World War 2 started, National Steel Car was able to jump back into production. Time had caught up with the business though, and in 1994 National Steel Car was on the market instead of its freight cars. The competition was just too much for it to handle. Read This Article for more information.

Greg Aziz took it over and implemented a new freight car to be designed. When the law changed to make it illegal for inefficient freight cars to travel, most companies were confined to a single state. National Steel Cars had escaped this problem with their new freight car. Suddenly, businesses needed to do business with National Steel Car because it was one of the only options to move their products across the country. National Steel Car acquired many contracts and became the most well-known name in railroad car manufacturing.

Greg Aziz has given back from his profits in National Steel Car. Gregory J Aziz has given to food banks and to organizations that help the poor. He has worked at National Steel Car for over 23 years and has said that his company believes in not resting on past achievements. He dreams of National Steel Car to be the leading railroad car manufacturing business in North America. His company currently has over 2,000 employees and has been given the TTX SECO award for over 10 years.


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Toner Proves That He Is A True Phoenix

If you are a real estate investor, chances are you have heard the name Jim Toner. Jim Toner is a real estate legend. He has over 25 years’ experience in the real estate investment business. His monetary wealth and wealth of knowledge has allowed him to help others become home and business owners. In addition to helping people to become home or business owners he also helps to inspire others. Toner has not always been a real estate mogul. He has humble beginnings that involve making mistakes and learning a lot of lessons. Even though he has many years of experience, those years of experience did not prevent him having negative events from occurring in his professional life.

After years of building his brand, business, and clientele someone stole his money and his clients. This incident ruined his business life and his aspirations of continuing to build his real estate company. Toner lost faith in the real estate industry thanks to a backstabbing guru whose negative work ethics hurt others business owners.

Instead of removing himself completely from the real estate industry, Toner had a plan that would allow him to enter back into the real estate business while also protecting himself and his business. This plan began when a friend reminded him of “who he was” and what he contributed to the real estate industry and how he has helped many people.

Toner is equipped with a little more wisdom and plans for the Ohio marker. He and his team have a goal for 500 homes in 5 years. He also plans to recruit top real estate investors in the area to help him to achieve his goals. Though Toner aims to make money from his real estate deals he wants to also help put money into the pockets of others. In addition to locating the top real estate investors in the Akron, Ohio area – Toner wants to work with everyday individuals that have a passion and a genuine interest to work and be successful. Toner has this open opportunity available because he believes that there is strength in numbers. Contact: Jim Toner | Medium

Learn how Jim Toner went from zero to millions:

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Heather Russell Is Made VP And CLO For Transunion

TransUnion is one of America’s largest and most profitable consumer credit reporting agencies. Transunion collects vast amounts of publicly available consumer data and uses it to provide people with detailed and accurate credit reporting. They also have services that can do excellent background checks (both credit and criminal) and provide detailed consumer data in the form of graphs that can be used to predict the market based on current trends.

There are three big credit reporting agencies that account for the majority of business in this unique market. There is no need to mention the other two, however, because they are vastly inferior. Transunion has over a billion personal profiles at its disposal, and can access them in an instant. Their customers include over 65,000 business all over the world. From their offices in Chicago they pulled in well over 1.3 million dollars in 2014. This is pretty impressive when you consider this: federal law requires all credit reporting companies to give all customers one free credit report per year.

Heather Russell has recently been added to the team at Transunion. She was formerly a high ranking member of the law firm of Buckley Sandler LLP, where she distinguished herself with excellent service in the fields of regulation, supervision, and fin-tech policy. Before this, she worked for fifth third bank, The Bank Of New York Mellon, and Bank of America. She will be taking up the positions of Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer.

With over 20 years of relevant experience, there is little doubt that she has earned her position. This is why Transunion President Jim Peck personally invited her to join the company and take up this prestigious position. He had nothing but the highest praise for Heather Russell, stating that he believed she would be a “strong addition” to the company who would be able to help them greatly in the never ending mission to expand.

She will officially take up her position later this year, when her predecessor retires. Certainly, one can admire the continuity and organization that will surely keep this transition from being a turbulent one. Russell on Twitter: @heatherarussell

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