Dr. David Samadi Talks About Reproductive Health

     According to Dr. David Samadi, women goes through a challenging life transition which is known as menopause. This is a transition where women do not experience the menstrual cycle for at least one year. He notes that this is normal since it marks the end of their reproductive years. He however notes that it is important that women are well equipped with knowledge of what this transition entails and how it will affect them.

For most women, this transition tends to be unique for every one of them. Some ladies have few as well as relatively minor symptoms as compared to others with more dramatic and extreme symptoms including vaginal dryness, hot trashes and weight gain.

Women need to know certain things before they enter this chapter so that it is smooth for them. Among these issues include the age that they will go through menopause. According to Dr. Samadi, women go through menopause at the age of between 55 and 45 years. The age is mainly determine by the genetics of a woman.

A woman must also understand that menopause is different from perimenopause. The later represents a period shortly before menopause in women marked with a decline in hormone production in the ovaries. Women must also understand the various symptoms that they are likely to experience. These symptoms tend to differ from one lady to another. Additionally, a woman must also understand the various health risks associated with menopause. These include heart diseases or brittle bone diseases due to weight gain.

On the other hand, Dr. Samadi notes that sexually active men also needs to take certain measures to remain sexually healthy. By taking these steps, they will certain sexual problems from occurring. Among the steps that men should take include exercising regularly, eating healthy foods, and practicing kegel exercises. Additionally, he notes that men must attend annual checkups.

Dr. David Samadi is currently the head of Urology Department as well as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at the Lenox Hill Hospital. To this end, he is a certified urologist who specializes in the diagnosis as well as the treatment of the urological diseases, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, as well as prostate cancer. Additionally, he is a specialist in advanced non-invasive cancer treatment methods such as laparoscopic radical prostatectomy as well as the laparoscopic robotic radical prostatectomy.

He has differentiated himself as a leader and expert in prostate cancer treatment. As such, he has delivered top results to all his patients. Among the many celebrities that Dr. David Samadi has operated include Roy Emerson of the Hall of Fame Tennis Pro.

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Marc Sparks Provides Top-Tier Marketing for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks is a noted entrepreneur who has brought forth dozens of startup ideas and he uses a highly developed instinct to sniff out opportunities that others may consider worthless. He considers it a challenge to develop concepts that others believe is useless and receives a special pleasure in helping long shots find success. Sparks has created and nurtured dozens of entrepreneurial ideas throughout his time and he’s very passionate about helping others with their ideas as well.

Timber Creek Capital is his firm and they specialize in helping businesses become viable entities from concept to reality. They offer resources in abundance that help ideas come to fruition and much of the expertise comes from Sparks himself. His passion for entrepreneurialism isn’t only about his own success even though there has been plenty of that. He is all about paying it forward and rejoices in playing a role and helping others succeed as well.

One of his ventures is called MarcUSA and it is a Pittsburgh ad agency that helps startups get off the ground in the great city. They are one of Pittsburgh’s largest agencies and they are engaged with an initiative called Marketing Sparks and it enables new businesses to utilize top-level marketing to help their ideas grow and take root.

This program facilitates the business development process and gives entrepreneurs a greater shot at success. The program consists of intensive three-hour sessions in which participants along with skilled marketers put forth strategic and tactical marketing communications ideas. With skilled marketing coming in at the beginning of a startup’s life the chances of success are maximized.

This type of program can help attract the best customers, employees, and investors all of which are crucial to getting a new business up and running. Marketing Sparks has become a part of the vibrant startup community in Pittsburgh, which is particularly conducive to new businesses and entrepreneurs. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/marc.sparks1

While Marc Sparks has enjoyed a tremendous level of success with his entrepreneurial endeavors, he also enjoys engaging in philanthropy and giving back to his community in various forms. One of his efforts is with Habitat for Humanity in the realm of home construction for needy families. He has personally helped build approximately a dozen homes in this capacity.

On a personal level, Marc Sparks enjoys outdoor activities to combat the stress of his high-powered job. Hunting, fishing, and hiking are just three outdoor activities that he participates in with the same enthusiasm that he brings to his business life.

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You Can Be A Professional Racquetball Player Like Sawyer Howitt

Racquetball is quickly becoming a popular sport in the world due to its competitive and entertaining aspect. This has seen it attract renowned entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt.

The 17-year-old who works as a project manager at his father’s company, David Howitt, the Meriwether Group, started playing racquetball in high school. However, he has since gone up the ranks to become one of the best and most promising players of The Racquetball Club in Portland. Sawyer Howitt has proved to be a master of multiple trades as he juggles racquetball, college, and work at the Meriwether Group.

How to Excel at Racquetball

The first step to succeeding at racquetball is determining your goals. Are you playing to achieve a sense of fulfillment and have fun or do you want to do it as a business venture? Once you have your goals in place, you will be able to come up with strategies that will yield the expected results. You also need to dedicate yourself to a program that will deliver optimal results. Find a professional coach who can take you through the process, guide you through choosing the best workout routine and train you to become a pro like Sawyer Howitt.

As a project manager at the Meriwether Group, Sawyer evidently has a lot on his plate. He is tasked with offering consultancy services and developing business presentations for enterprises. He also helps startups with licensing, distributions, and brand development. Sawyer is part of the executive team that is tasked with developing RFID checkout solutions at the company. RFID checkout technology is a tracking solution designed for retail businesses to enhance accountability.

Sawyer’s Achievements

Sawyer Howitt is a role model for most millennials who wish to excel at a tender age. From being a pro racquetball player to a diligent student and an excellent manager, he is the perfect example of how much one can achieve when they have determination. Want to be a great racquetball player or entrepreneur like Sawyer? Follow your dream and shake off the discouragements from those who think that young people can only succeed when they age.

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Adam Milstein: A Man Making Sure His Philanthropy Has An Impact

Adam Milstein, philanthropist and commercial real estate professional, is the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, as well as the president of the foundation. Milstein and his wife Gila have always felt passionately about supporting the State of Israel and encouraging college students to take pride in their Jewish roots.


Active Philanthropy


Milstein’s philanthropy takes up nearly 90 percent of his time; he believes that simply contributing money is not enough to make a difference. Adam Milstein donates his time, ideas and his connections as well. Calling this active philanthropy, Milstein believes that taking an interest in an organization’s programs creates more of an impact.


Low-Hanging Fruit


Finding the low-hanging fruit is ideal in both real estate investing and philanthropy, according to Adam Milstein. He prefers investing his donations in organizations that target specific, easy-to-reach audiences. For example, Milstein often collaborates with organizations that target students who will build a connection to Israel and then pass the Jewish knowledge on to their children. He invests in organizations reaching groups receptive to a pro-Israel message.


Being an Entrepreneur


Adam Milstein told ideamench that being persistent and following up on every lead has helped him become a successful entrepreneur. Being persistent in the real estate business is important because it takes several years to see a profit. He describes himself as self-driven and as a person who enjoys working.


After earning an MBA, Adam Milstein decided to become an entrepreneur after attending a job fair at USC and finding that companies were not offering a salary commensurate for someone with his education and experience.


Milstein sits on the boards of numerous organizations that he supports, however, he is widely known for his position as national chair for the Israeli-American Council (IAC), an organization which he helped establish; he is now in charge of the IAC’s national expansion.






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Doe Deere’s Morning Routine

For some people, a morning routine is everything. One common thing among successful people is that they have a unique routine which works for them. For Doe Deere, her morning routine is something which she cannot do without. It is almost like a daily ritual that defines her.

For those who do not know Doe Deere, she is the founder of Lime Crime, a beauty brand that took the industry by storm. The company was one of the earliest pioneers of the matter lipstick trend. Thanks to the beauty line, most women can now add a splash of color to their look. The main idea behind Lime Crime is to create beauty options which boost a woman’s confidence and self esteem.

Doe, who has been the face of her brand for many years now, got the inspiration to start Lime Crime after she failed to get makeup options that would complement her outfits. At the time, she was selling clothes on eBay and finding the right color of makeup to go with her outfits was almost impossible. An idea that was conceived out of necessity has now become one of the most celebrated brands by women from all over the world.

Doe’s Morning Routine

Doe loves to consider herself a morning person. She tried to get as much sleep as she can but she will always wake up at 8.30 in the morning, whether she sets her alarm clock or not. Getting sufficient sleep is one of her tips when it comes to maintaining youthful and healthy skin.

Once she wakes up, Doe loves to hydrate her body with a full glass of water. Since she lives in the dry Los Angeles weather, staying hydrated is one of the things on her priority list. After finishing a glass of water, she will do some exercises, which mainly involves stretching.

After stretching, she will start making her breakfast. Breakfast is a crucial part of Doe’s morning routine. She loves preparing fresh orange juice from oranges which grow in her garden. Her breakfast may also comprise yoghurt and cereal. She also loves fruits and will add some to her breakfast.

After having breakfast, Doe normally does her makeup. Her makeup usually begins with a face wash. Afterwards, she will moisturize her face before applying foundation. After applying foundation, she loves to powder her face so that the makeup sets and as she does her eyebrows. Afterwards, she will apply lipstick and blush.

Part of Doe’s morning routine also involves petting her adorable Persian cats. She will then leave her house and get to the office at about noon. This is usually her time to relax and have a meal before interacting with her team. She has an internal chat which helps her connect with them before arriving to the office. However, she tries to stay away from the internet in the morning. When she gets to the office, she can attend to her meetings and respond to emails. She gets back home at around six in the evening unless she has a busy schedule that would keep her at work past that hour.

Source: https://www.savoirflair.com/beauty/288147/doe-deere-morning-routine

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Bruno Fagali – One of the Most Sought After Legal Professionals in Brazil

     The field of law in Brazil has become highly competitive in the last few years, and there are many attorneys and law firms to choose from when considering hiring a law professional. One of the lawyers in Brazil that has achieved tremendous success in a short period and is regarded as a authority in the field of law is Bruno Fagali. He has studied law from one of the top universities in Brazil, Pontifical Catholic University. After completing his studies in law, Bruno Fagali has gone on to work with some of the leading law firms, including the Manesco, Ramirez, Azevedo, and Marques Advogados. Working under the leadership of some of the top senior lawyers in the country helped him develop skills needed to excel in the field of law.

Today, Bruno Fagali is considered an expert in the field of compliance law, risk management, mergers and acquisitions, corporate law, financial law, administrative law, and more. After working for several years as an associate at different law firms, Bruno Fagali started his law firm by the name of Fagali Advocacy. In the preliminary stages, Fagali Advocacy was a small law firm which began with a small office, but thanks to the determination of Bruno Fagali, he managed to push his law firm to the top brackets in a short period.

Bruno is known to keep himself updated with the new guidelines and amendments in the field of law, which ensures that he provides the most accurate and beneficial guidance to his clients. Over the years, Bruno Fagali has fought some of the most challenging cases in the history of Brazil successfully. He also works as the Business Integrity Officer at the Novo/SB Advertising Agency. The Fagali Advocacy is one of the most sought-after law firms in Brazil today and handles the legal department of many small to large sized companies.

Check http://www.ibdee.org.br/entrevista-sobre-o-pro-etica-com-bruno-jorge-fagali/ for more.

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