How the Fagali’I Airport Sets Itself Apart from Others

     Every element of the Fagali’I Airport is different from other airports. From the way the airport treats the passengers to the opportunities they have while visiting the airport, they have a different experience. It makes sense that people want to visit the airport just to visit the airport and it makes things easier for them to make things better on their own while visiting. Because the Fagali’I Airport tries so hard to provide a positive experience and tries making things easier on them, they know there are positive experiences that come from visiting the airport. It’s also something many people have put on their “bucket list” because of the experience that they get from visiting. Depending on the hard work people have to put into getting there, the experience is worth it to most of them. For those who want to try different things, the Fagali’I Airport is the chance to do that.

Between the hard work that people see when they’re making things better and the opportunities they have for success within the airport, they can get more from the options it has. It continues growing, though, since more people visit it to learn about the opportunities while they’re there. It is an important part of the industry and something most people benefit from because of the hard work the employees do. They know they’re doing a great job as long as they can keep helping other people. For the airport to give everyone a positive experience, they can get more from the options that are there.

Everything continues changing the things that people get from the industry. It keeps getting better and everyone sees it as a chance to keep doing things the right way. They also see there are things that make sense for the company because they offer them the best airport experience. Even though there are things people have to do to get the help they need while visiting other airports, Fagali’I Airport knows they do the best job. They’re confident in the skills they have to keep giving people all the opportunities that make the airport an enjoyable place.

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Betsy Devos Enters a Reformer and A fighter

Betsy Devos Enters a Reformer and A fighter

It is no surprise that Betsy Devos has many critics and lovers at the same time. The Secretary of Education in Trump’s administration, Betsy Devos, is not shy from controversy if it means that it’s a fight he believes in. Much of his public interest from several quarters not only arises from his stay in the limelight but also from the fact that her husband Dick Devos is in the limelight. A political family who is also billionaires gives you all you need to know about why there is an interest for them.

Betsy Devos has over the years been a crusader for Charter schools. She is part of a larger group that believes that the taxes that are pumped to the traditional Public school system can be pumped to the Charter schools to increase competitiveness. Her strong belief in charter schools is also facilitated by her passion for giving low-income families choices. That gives low-income families the options of a charter school and not allow them to be muscled into accepting the traditional public school system for lack of choice.

A great woman driven by passion and relentless focus, Betsy Devos, has been involved in Republican Party activities in Detroit, Michigan where the family resides. One of the greatest mistakes the people who have dealt with her in the past have made would be taking her soft nature for weakness. Hence, underestimate her potential. That’s not the true reflection because when push comes to shove, she fights for what she truly believes.

Betsy Devos is among the very few great women who have a thick skin. She has been a subject of mockery, ridicule, and jokes but she has always answered back in kind, by success. The thickness of her skin was put to the test during her approval as the education secretary for Trump. The odds seemed to be going either way, but the odds finally could be in favor with one vote by Vice President Mike Pence. This is an expression of the fight in her and his tolerance for the tough decision.

Working with his boss and Ultimately the President of The USA Donald J Trump in the vision to Make America Great Again, Betsy Devos, also believes that the status quo needs to change. She is ready to support when there is the need and is also not shy to question that what seems reckless even from the superiors. An example is when Trump rescinded the federal law allowing the transgender students in school. Betsy Devos decided to warn the transgender representatives in education system without raising the alarm over the disagreement in the Trump administration.

She may have been born into a rich family and even was married to a political husband, but it’s no doubt that Betsy Devos has constantly and continuously fought for her space in the political world. She is result driven and by far a reformer. This does not eliminate the fact that in politics she will keep having critics, but for sure she will keep the focus on bringing reforms in the sector, and further help the Trump Administration Make America Great Again.


Follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

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Transformation Of National Steel Car Under The leadership Of Gregory Aziz

The National Steel Car has been in the business of making railcars and equipment for over a century. The company is led by Gregory James Aziz who serves as the CEO and President of the company. Over the years, National Steel Car has earned the reputation of producing high-quality railcars and equipment that meets and surpasses the needs of their customers. The company has a wealth of experience in railroad freight manufacturing and tank car engineering business. Since its establishment in 1921, National steel Car has won several awards and it is the only company of its kind with the ISO 9001:2008 certification in North America.


Changes that have occurred since 1994

Gregory J Aziz acquired National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco. The company’s performance had started going south due to poor management. When Greg James Aziz took over reigns at National Steel Car, Gregory James Aziz identified the company’s strengths and used them to turn it around.


James Aziz pumped in capital investment, human investment, good customer relations, professional engineering ability and team-building and the results were on the wall for everyone to see. In 1994, National Steel car was producing 3,500 railcars per year. This was underproduction considering that National Steel car had the potential to produce more cars.


Greg Aziz embarked on an expansion journey and by 1999; National Steel Car was already producing more than 12,000 railcars annually. With the increased production, Gregory Aziz was also forced to increased human capital. The number of employees at National Steel Car increased from around 600 to 3,000. Besides increasing its production figures, National Steel Car also diversified its product lines to include other products that serve the needs of their growing clientele.


About Gregory Aziz

Greg was born into a business family in 1949. He was raised in Ontario, London and also schooled at the University of West Ontario. Upon his graduation, Gregory Aziz joined Affiliated Foods, which was a family business dealing in the importation and distribution of fresh foods. Affiliated foods imported fresh food products from Europe, Central America, and South America. After importing, the company would then distribute the food all over America and Canada. Visit This Page for related information.


During his time at Affiliated Foods, Gregory managed to transform the company into the leading importers of fresh food products in Canada. After sixteen years in the family business, he left for the U.S to establish his own business. In the early 80s and 90s, Gregory invested heavily in banking and real estate before acquiring National Steel car from Dofasco.



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Bruno Fagali Executes Code of Ethics within Nova/SB

Bruno Fagali is one of the most admired lawyers in Brazil. He is the Co-Founder of Fagali Advocacia, his legal firm that is featured in the Fagapress website. Attorney Bruno Fagali is an expert in Administrative Law.

The Fagali Law Firm specializes in Compliance, Public Law, Advertising Law, Anti-Corruption Law, Election Law, and Parliamentary Law. Aside from practicing law independently in his law firm, Bruno Fagali at the moment is the Corporate Integrity Manager of Nova/SB.

Nova/SB is an advertising agency that possesses numerous government accounts like the Central Bank, Secretariat of Communication of the Presidency of the Republic (Secom), BNDES and Caixa. Government units and companies underwent alterations in organizational command from the time Michel Terner became the interim President.

The founding partner of Nova/SB, Bob Veira da Costa, already instigated a program for good business systems and procedures, which is the Corporate Integrity Program that necessitated a capital of R$500,000, During his interview with Meio and Mensagem, da Costa stated that there is going to be a probable feeling of fear when the need to evaluate the advertising contracts of organs and companies that are associated with the government including the explanation on how it was created and complied with.

Bob Veira da Costa added that since Nova/SB is an agency dedicated to expertise and focus in communicating public interest, it is just right that the agency works thoroughly with the government and its various departments, and Nova/SB has been doing this ever since 2005. As of the moment, da Costa reveals that the agency has already embraced some processes of transparency, and this was done during the monthly payment period where the transparency progression has been hastened like not demanding for the volume of production bonus.

The code of ethics was formatted by Manesco, Ramirez, Perez, Azevedo Marques Sociedade de Advogados, with Silvia Urquiza, all of whom are experts in the subject matter. The Nova/SB heads, the Corporate Integrity Manager – Bruno Fagali, and the Internal Ethics Committee members similarly evaluated the ethics code. And the same has been circulated among the employees who read the code and submitted themselves to training.

Bruno Fagali, the Corporate Integrity Manager of the agency is responsible for training the employees who are assigned in the Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo branches.

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Jim Toner: Author, Businessman And Real Estate Professional

Jim Toner has risen to being one of the top names in his field, not just because of the numerous successful ventures that he has taken on, but also because of the incredible amount of knowledge that he possessed when it comes to investments of any kind. Toner is a businessman, entrepreneur, and author who has helped several others expand their pool of knowledge about the topic of finances, particularly when it comes to real estate.

The book that Jim Toner authored has got a lot of recognition and has received an incredible amount of praise for the knowledge that it puts out. The book is titled The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate: How to Profit in Today’s Market Using History’s Greatest Wealth Builder, which explains what the book is about and the various other nuances about it. The book also exposes the tricks of the trade and all the unethical practices that real estate developers are known to engage in while carrying out their work.

A lot of the knowledge that Toner possesses is with regards to the developments in real estate. To him, this is a field that has a lot of untapped potentials and an incredible amount of scope when it comes to providing people with a good financial backing. He has seen how much of an impact the world of real estate has had on his life and his career, which is why he has been working towards imparting this knowledge to others who might also be interested in the field.

One of the other things that Toner does to help people get situated within the field of real estate is conduct seminars and trading programs. People from all over the country travel to his programs to get a glimpse of someone who can help them get ahead in the field of real estate.

Toner’s real estate journey began more than twenty-five years ago, with a real estate company where he had to handle a lot of investment-related concerns of the customers who were coming to them. He learned many facets of the trade working here, and also gained an incredible amount of knowledge about the finer aspects of the field. Over time, he became an incredibly important name within the office that he was working in.

Philanthropy is also an essential part of Toner’s life, which is why he tries to extend a helping hand to various organizations that are working towards the betterment of people. He particularly participates in charitable projects that are directed towards the displaced and weaker sections of society. The Salvation Army is one organization that Toner is known to help out with, and he serves as a member of the board within this organization.

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Sameer Jejurikar

Who is Dr. Sameer Jejurikar? He is a professional plastic surgeon located in Dallas, Texas. Not only is he a plastic surgeon stateside but he also participates in many medical mission trips, commonly traveling to Colombia, Guatemala, and Bangladesh. While he is in these other countries, he is humbled to be able to help the less fortunate.


Where Did He Get His Education?


He started as an undergraduate at the University of Michigan. Moving on to University of Michigan Medical School, he was part of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society and graduated in 1997. Continuing on, Sameer landed an internship at the University of Michigan Health System which he completed in 1998. He did his residency in the plastic surgery field at the University of Michigan Medical Center to which he was able to complete in 2005. He still wanted to continue his education so he did a sub-specialty in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital which he completed in 2006.


After Sameer Graduated


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a board-certified surgeon and a partner in the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. His focus is on cosmetic surgery of the face, eyes, body, nose, and breasts. He is also able to do tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and facelifts.


Being a partner with the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute has given him the ability to run his own plastic surgery practice which is something he has always wanted to do. With this, the group also has a skin care center, surgery center, and postoperative overnight facility. With all these in such close proximity to the office, Dr. Jejurikar is able to see patients and do procedures all day long.


In 2012, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar was awarded the Compassionate Doctor Certification. This is a certification that is really hard to get as Sameer was one of a very select few physicians who had received it.


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Ryan Seacrest Biography

Ryan Seacrest has prominent positions in cable television and broadcast as well as local radio and nationally syndicated radio. Ryan’s involvement in a broad range entertainment and media companies has been because of his entrepreneurial interests while his efforts that focus on initiatives which are youth-oriented have a significant impact nationwide.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to inspiring current youths via education-focused initiatives and entertainment. Ryan Seacrest productions have been launched in the year 2006 thus becoming an Emmy-winning entertainment leading to the creation of digital, scripted and unscripted programming.

Being an entrepreneur, some of the investments that Ryan owns in the entertainment and media company include, Pinterest, marketing Services Company, civic entertainment group, and attn.; a media company on news that targets millennials via Seacrest global group. Ryan has also invested independently in DigiTour media, an upcoming entertainment and media company that deals with creation and production of “in real life” experiences on YouTube in concert form, cable networks, and headspace.

Ryan Seacrest has long-term relationships with brands on blue-chip inclusive of Ford and Coca-Cola. In his service, he works as the chairman of (RSF) Ryan Seacrest Foundation. RSF has been able to open broadcast media centers which are ten in number and studios across the country. Seacrest studios permit patients to explore television, radio, and new media creative realms. Seacrest also works as the chair of Grammy foundation and on Los Angeles county museum of Art (LACMA) board.

Ryan Seacrest foundation aim at contributing positively to children’s healing process together with their families in their lifetime by creating centers of raising an uplifting spirit to hospitals. These foundations are solely dedicated to their mission where they work through donations to ensure their success.

Ryan Seacrest is identified for being the host of a popular competition on television,’ American Idol’, and American top 40 the radio show. Apart of being a television star Ryan Seacrest has a continued presence in radios. However, he has tried to do several expansions on his reach to television to be the host for a game show by the title the million second quiz on NBC.

Follow him on Twitter:

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Dr. Saad Saad Accomplished Surgeon with An Amazing Career

Dr. Saad Saad have four decades of experience performing complicated pediatric procedures on children ranging from infants to teenagers. He is based in Eatontown, New Jersey can has taken several trip to Jerusalem to perform complex medical procedures at no cost to underprivileged children. Dr. Saad has developed several surgical procedures in pediatrics and has two inventions patented.


Dr. Saad’s Inspiration for Entering the Medical Field


When he was in highschool in 1965 he thought he wanted to be an engineer. He has two older brothers who were doing outdoor construction at the time. Kuwait’s summer temperatures rising over one hundred and ten degrees made Dr. Saad realize he wanted a job with air conditioning. That’s when he decided that he wanted to be a surgeon in an operating room with air conditioning.


Meet Dr. Saad Saad


Palenstine born, Saad Saad was one of eight children raising in Kuwait. He graduated from Cairo University second in his class and with honors. Saad grew up in a poor family so he worked hard and was salutatorian of his class. In 1964 as a third year medical student he bought a plane ticket for $99 to Beirut, Lebanon from Cairo, Egypt for his the ECFMG exam.


Passing the ECFMG allowed him to train the United States after his formal education in medicine was complete. He immigrated to the United States from England after his internship was completed. Residency was in both surgery and pediatric surgery which he is US Board Certified in. Dr. Saad has served as the Co-Medical Director and Surgeon in Chief at New Jersey’s K Hovnanian Children Hospital at Hackensack Meridian Health Care System.


Dr. Saad was asked to be the Saudi Royal family’s pediatric surgeon during the 1980s. This interruption to his career moved him and his family to Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Arabia Opportunity


Dr. Saad Saad qualified for this experience by being the United States only board certified pediatric surgeon who spoke both English and Arabic fluently. The requirements for board certification in the United States requires special training, surgical practice to be continuous and every ten years a rigorous exam has to be passed. He took the job during 1985 and remained in Saudi Arabia for over four years.


Adventures that Weren’t Expected


The city of Riyadh in Saudi Arabi proved to be a positive experience for the Saad family. The doctor was happy to use his surgical skills to gain the Royal family’s trust while helping prestigious patients. He also had the chance to give others his knowledge and give surgical club’s lectures. The Saad family got to meet people from around the world and during their free time visited friends in a number of countries. Learn more:

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Kamil Idris: From Intellectual Property to Sustainable Development

April 26th is World Intellectual Property Day. It is a day when people gather together to pay homage to the inventors of our past and reflect on the progress that individuals have made for the betterment of society. Intellectual property is important because many individuals is their livelihood and what sets them apart from everyone else. When someone contributes in a major way to society, they should be put in a position where they can be compensated or recognized for that contribution. Intellectual property is sometimes the only thing that these inventors have. It is important to protect those that help contribute to society in order to continue to support growth.


This is one of the main functions of The World Intellectual Property Organization, they want to be a driving force behind the encouragement of creative processes and a protector of the property that comes from it. A recent article featured on discusses some of the important things that contribute to intellectual property rights. No one understands the importance of intellectual property more than Prof. Kamil Idris. Prof. Kamil Idris, once the director of WIPO, has been a champion for intellectual property from the very beginning.


Currently, Prof. Kamil Idris is the president of WASD, The World Association for Sustainable Development. In one way or another, he is interested in preserving the things that are most important to society. In his current role, Prof. Kamil Idris is working with professionals from all over the world to create more awareness when it comes to sustainable development. There is a lot of science and technology out there that can be aimed at bolstering the sector of the building population, it is simply up to individuals to take that matter into their own hands. Much like WIPO, WASD is fighting for the future of the human race. When it comes to the planet we live on, or the ideas that we come up with, it is important to create a layer of protection to help foster creativity and growth. Prof. Kamil Idris has been pushing for this human awareness for much of his career.

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Jed McCaleb Brings People Together

Jed McCaleb is an expert at open-source platforms. He knows a lot about them and knows what it takes to successfully run one. He spent a lot of time learning about them and learning how they operate because he works so hard to give people a chance at a better future with the options they have. For Jed McCaleb, the point of doing all this is so others can see what they can get from different industries. It’s also so they have a chance to explore all the positive parts of a growing industry. Even though there were some changes to the options people use, Jed McCaleb knew they would need someone to lead them through all of it. When he started Stellar, it was his chance to give people the ability to see how things would change no matter what issues they faced.

There were times when Jed McCaleb questioned what he was doing. He knew starting his own company would be the best way to make money, but he didn’t know if Stellar would be the answer to all the issues he faced. For Jed McCaleb, the point of Stellar was making people see all the options they had so they could keep the money and the options they needed. It was also important for him to show people what would happen if they didn’t use a platform to do all their learning on. They might struggle with the options they had.

Now that Stellar is growing, Jed McCaleb knew he did the right thing. He knew there were options that he could take advantage of and knew things would keep getting better for him no matter what issues were going on around him. The open-source platform gave him a place to help people and show them that everything would get better. It was his way of making sure people saw him offering success. He made a lot of opportunities for people who previously didn’t have a chance at success. He knew what it took and wasn’t afraid to push to make things happen so Stellar would be the most successful platform.


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