Papa John’s Implements Diversity Training To Employees

Papa John’s has been in some predicament as of late with declining sales and customer dissatisfaction, which is why they made some changes in administration with a new CEO in Steve Ritchie and choosing to implement diversity training for all employees of the brand according to an article by Eater.

Steve Richie Papa Johns wrote a letter a while back that the pizza chain is on the right track and that they were going to go back to what they have always been – a company set on values of equality, opportunity, and respect. Another notable company like Starbucks also had their employees undergo racial bias training after an incident a while back at a store in Philadelphia as two men were arrested due to a misunderstanding of loitering as this greatly angered the public.

So the fact that Papa John’s International is making employees go through diversity training is nothing unfamiliar or surprising. The company is seeking to fix its image and get back to delivering excellent service to customers. The pizza chain also strongly believes that they are on the right track with Steve Ritchie at the helm, who has a long history of having worked for the company as a chief operating officer, delivery driver, manager, supervisor, vice president, and other roles.

He is now the CEO of one of the largest pizza chains in the world where he graduated from Seneca High School and lives in Kentucky. The individual has worked for other places that include Calistoga Bakery Cafe, but much of his work includes being with Papa John’s as he was a franchise owner in 2006. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s has a passion for pizza, as he believes that it brings people together as he worked hard at a pizzeria in Louisville for 14 hours day and every single day. The leader plans on staying with Papa John’s for a long time to be on the board and own many franchises. Ritchie has shared that the pizza chain plans to expand into the Bahamas and create an option on Facebook for simple ordering.


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