Securus Technologies Shares Glowing Testimonials From Clients

Whether it is an online review or an in person recommendation, I typically trust the words of people who have used a service in a greater capacity that I would ever trust an advertisement. I stumbled across a press released published by Securus Technologies that featured a great number of glowing testimonials from the company’s actual clients.


While a typical testimonial is great, such as a person who loves her hair stylist or someone who recommends his morning coffee shoppe, the release from Securus held a bit more weight.


If you aren’t familiar with Securus Technologies, I did a bit of research and company is profoundly interesting. They fall into a very unique market of Inmate Security Technology.


One of Securus’ technologies is called the Wireless Containment Solution. This tech will shut out contraband cell phone from being able to connect to WiFi. My mind goes immediately to a high level inmate ordering a “hit” from on the inside, but then again, I watch way too many police dramas on TV. However, it is a real risk and a lot of damage can be done. Securus’ main focus is to contain technology within prisons so that when it is used it is monitored and trackable and it can be sought out and stopped prior to being used for foul play.


I was taken aback at the role these technology solutions played in the prevention and stopping of real crime. For example, one inmate was caught on a monitored cell phone concocting up a false alibi with his brother that could have prevented him from being found guilty. With the help of Securus’ monitoring technology that conversation was actually used by the prosecutor to help convict him. Another person from a prison wrote a testimonial to simply state how Securus Technologies had helped his facility be far more proactive in preventing crimes before they start, which is something I believe we can all be thankful for.


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