Spice Up Your Taste Buds with Joel Friant’s Original Habanero Shaker

The Habanero Shaker has taken many forms, but few know its true origins. Joel Friant is the original Habanero Shaker creator. Taking his knowledge of habanero pepper farming to the soil, the harvest, and ultimately your kitchen table. The firecracker spice is a science and art form of flavor that leaves all wishing Joel Friant was a next door neighbor.

Some qualities showcase the obvious truth about a peppers ripeness. Such as a strong orange or red color. Or even the average mature habanero being 1 to 1.25 inches long. A few other characteristic to look for is a slight pull on the habanero pepper plant. If the pepper pops right off the plant then it is ripe for picking. Another tip for when picking habanero peppers is looking for brown lines along the pepper. These are something like stretch marks. Once brown and elongated on the habanero pepper they indicate the pepper has grown. It is ok to pull the pepper off at this point from the plant. But be very careful as the oils of the habanero pepper can be harmful. They’re known for skin irritation, getting into the face and eyes causing burns. But Joel takes all the hard work out of habanero farming. Without the Habanero Shaker you would always have to keep your hands thoroughly washed dealing with habanero peppers.

Much science is linked to many health benefits of increasing the habanero pepper in the diet. Habanero peppers are a known endorphin releaser. These endorphins land on the receptor sites of your brain causing a deep relaxation. Researches at the prestigious Texas A&M University found how the release of the endorphins and capsaicin from the habanero also interact well with metabolism. The increase the metabolic rate of whoever eats them aiding also in fat loss. A typical harvest for habanero peppers is approximately 75 to 90 days long.

Joel Friant takes the wait and effort out. The original Habanero Shaker burning up competitors. It packs both a spice and flavor yet to be matched. With so many health benefits it should not be taken lightly.

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