Talkspace Encrypted Therapy Welcomes Michael Phelps

We meet people daily, talk, laugh, play and do a lot of this, and to us they appear okay. However, from their inner cage they could be fighting depression, stress, anxiety and cannot sleep. The plain fact is that, most people prefer to suffer and deal with the issue in solitude rather than seek therapy. Talkspace has brought so much confidentiality and may be the reason why it is very popular.

Michael Phelps recently revealed that for a very long time he has to deal with anxiety and depression and did not find the need to seek help. He later realized, talking about it somewhat healed him and the Talkspace made it easy for him since he could talk to a counsellor from any location. Phelps explain how Talkspace has helped him and how his life has changed.

Talkspace alongside Michael Phelps have engaged in a collaborative move where the latter will organize forum and Phelps will come on board sharing his personal experiences and encourage people to seek help. This is a bid to end the stigma associated with mental health that keep people away from therapy. Phelps has also been appointed to the Talkspace Board of Advisor and Oren Franks, the CEO expressed his excitement when he came on board to support the mental health strategy. This is part of Phelps commitment into the partnership and more so to help those in need like he was get help and the barriers levelled.

About Talkspace

Talkspace is a highly confidential platform where people with mental issues get to meet with a therapist remotely. This is done through a smartphone, tablet or computer where with the app, one can reach counsellors from the other end at a small charge. The communication is encrypted to ensure privacy and confidentiality values are not broken. All clinicians, therapists and psychologist are vetted to ensure they qualify and offer good service to the client that help in obtaining positive outcomes. Talkspace was founded by Oren Franks to help and end stigma associated with mental health and has helped millions of people live happily ever again.

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