The Academy Of Art University Hosts Kate Stickley Of Arterra Landscape Architects

The Academy of Art University is an art school based in San Francisco, California. Founded in 1929, the Academy of Art University was founded by the painter and magazine editor, Richard S. Stephens. The school offers courses on Acting, Landscape Architecture, Fine Art, and Game Development to just mention a few.


In a recent video posted on the Academy of Art University’s YouTube channel, Kate Stickley talks about “Residential Landscape Architecture”. Kate Stickley is a Founding Partner of Arterra Landscape Architects. In the video, she gives her professional insight on “Creating Legacy” and “Building Craft”.

The video begins with the Director of the School of Landscape Architecture, Jeff Mclane. Mr. Mclane introduces Kate Stickley as “deeply connected to nature”. He then briefly talks about Arterra Landscape Architects and a short snippet about Kate Stickley’s architectural landscape development and crafting overseas.

Kate Stickley then takes over and begins her presentation. She begins by saying she “focuses on residential-scale landscape architecture.” She then talks about how the title of the presentation was created. She then moves on to talk about her history stating, “I’ve been at it [personal craft development] for about 39 years …” She then talks in details about the accumulation of her past experiences.

She then moves forward to talk about one of her previous projects located in Marin County. She displays pictures that include landscaping blueprints of the property. She then explains and describes each section of the property. She states that their goal was to “create a Zen-like retreat”. Moving forward, additional photographs were taken in phases. Kate Stickley then talks about plant species and creating a “focal point” for the property.

Next, she shares another project that she has worked on previously. This next project was for a client who was a “patron of the arts”. Used for inspiration, her team quickly created ideas while working with artisans. The client for this particular project wanted an “old world” theme for his garden. Working with the architect, they created a “Lord of the Rings” landscape inspired blueprint of the property.

If you would like to watch the full presentation, please click here.

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