The DAMAC Owner, Hussain Sajwani, Is A Winner

AYKON Maldives is a place of leisure that exists on an island in the Maldives. The Maldives is a beautiful nation of islands that are located in the Indian Ocean. The islands are atolls that are built up from coral. From an aerial view, one can see the ocean floor through crystal blue waters. The Maldives are pretty far from other landmasses. The closest landmass that they are near is the southern tip of India, though they are still not really close to India. There is a top-notch resort that includes pools, fitness areas and good food.

The government of Oman and Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, are working together to create a luxury area full of recreational opportunities. This place is called Mina al Sultan Qaboos. About one billion American dollars will be invested in this project to turn the area into a prime tourist spot. Soon, because of the efforts of Hussain Sajwani, this place will be a hot spot on the map—it will be a dream. The DAMAC owner will turn it into a wonderful playground where at least a few westerners will forget that they aren’t in the west, and do something seemingly mundane that will land them in jail.

When Hussain Sajwani was a young man, he enrolled in a degree program at the University of Washington. His experiences in America were both shocking and interesting. Everything in the United States was larger, more developed and in more quantity. Walking into 100,000 square foot Walmart and Kmart locations blew his mind because, back in Dubai, the largest store was only 2,000 square feet. He had only gone to that store once every month to get chocolate.

According to, in 1982, he finished his degree and started a career at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. Eventually, he started Global Logistics Services, a catering service that became very successful and is still around. The future DAMAC owner could not wait to start his own business—he had an entrepreneurial impulse. The DAMAC owner got involved in real estate and eventually boosted himself up to the level of being in the list of the top ten richest Arabs.

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