The Oxford Club: Always Looking for the Next Big Thing

In 1989 Richard Bonner and a group of his associates came together with the intention of forming a network of investors. Facebook and Twitter had not been stumbled upon yet. Being social in the way they intended meant gathering at a physical location. Thus the Oxford Club began. It was initially known as the Passport Club. In 1991 they changed the club’s name to the Oxford Club. It was intended to convey an old-world ethos. In any event, it was a hit.

Today, twenty plus years later the Oxford Club has grown into an international organization. The club has 157,000 members in 130 countries. It has grown into a network of trustworthy knowledgeable investors and entrepreneurs. Although the Oxford Club has become a massive organization, it is still a private club. However, its chapters operate in the open. It is not a secret society – far from it. The club is always happy to welcome new members who enthusiastically share its interest.

The focus of the organization has remained the same. Even with all of the volatile swings in the stock market, and the upheaval of the 2008 financial crisis. The Oxford club’s mission has remained the same, to help its members grow and protect their wealth. To this end, the members have a common interest in looking for unique investment opportunities around the globe. They share tips, knowledge, and advice through the Oxford Club’s international network. Confident that their method of word of mouth discovery is the most reliable way of mining such gems.

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