The Power of Digital Marketing with Steve Lesnard

Companies are realizing that the future of strategic marketing lies in digital marketing. Firms are doing away with the old traditional marketing methods to embrace new digital marketing skills and techniques. Steve Lesnard is a marketing consultant with flourishing skills in dynamic digital marketing techniques. He always takes time to offer pieces of advice to his existing and potential clients on matters concerning digital marketing.

According to Steve Lesnard, choices in digital marketing must be made after a wise deliberation. The right choice must prioritize the client’s needs. As a marketer, Steve Lesnard have a different perspective of viewing the market. Instead of inviting and convincing people to buy your products, you can introduce your products by highlighting the benefits of using the product. That way the customer will have no other choice rather than purchase the product and experience the benefits.

An advert should be simple and understandable. A simple advert will not only appeal to views but will also be easy to remember. However, being simple does not mean omitting the most crucial information.

The market should start with clearly highlighting consumer benefits. Then the market should bring out clearly why the product is better compared to the rest. A perfect example is Apple. When they were advertising iPod, they used a simple emotional slogan “10k songs in your pocket”. The company did not invite people to purchase the item, it highlighted the benefits of using an iPod, and the sales patterns hiked miraculously.

The other marketing principle is educating your potential clients on how to use your product. This is centered around bringing out the best customer experience. The specific questions at this stage are, how is the product used? How will it transform your life? Why do you need the product? These questions will present a cut through strategy.

Steve Lesnard sensitizes on using the most favorable medium. The medium must reach the target population. For example, products targeting the young generation can better be advertised through social media platforms. The market must try to bring consumer testimony in the advert. This is by highlighting factors that you want your product to be remembered for. The next thing is choosing the best ambassador for your product.

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