The Steps Dan Bethelmy-Rada Had To Take To Manufacture R.A.W; An All-Natural Product


Dan Bethelmy-Rada, the Global Brand President of Matrix and Biolage, has worked for over two years creating R.A.W. R.A.W is meant to be the company’s new wholesome face as his company puts the product out to the whole world. The world has reached a time where consumers thirst for more natural products instead and would even pay good money for them.

Upon having this realization, Dan Bethelmy-Rada was naturally inspired to provide his consumers precisely what they wanted. That was a 100% natural and sustainable product with very minimal impact on the environment. That is how Matrix created R.A.W to respond to the demands of its consumers.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada set out to ensure his company manufactured and produced a wide range of products with outstanding environmental credentials. The formulas that would be used to make these all-natural products would range from natural, effective, but highly biodegradable materials. These raw materials also couldn’t have any sulfates, silicone, or parabens.

At one time in an interview IdeaMensch, Bethelmy-Rada even said that all the raw materials and ingredients used in the production of these products were purely from plants and minerals. Other ingredients also included honey, fungi, and seaweeds. The packaging of the R.A.W products was also specially designed to ensure minimal environmental impact. To put things into perspective, he says that about 70% of all the brand’s products and other products are 98% biodegradable.

According to Dan Bethelmy-Rada, the only way to ensure his company completely captures his clients’ trust is by never compromising on naturalness. If a product is a natural one, then it must be all natural. If not, then the consumers of those products must know that too. In most instances, ensuring complete naturalness of the products demanded that the team overcome numerous challenges.  See This Page for related information.

Take the costs that were associated with the company’s goal of producing 100% natural products, for example. The whole project required that the company make considerable investments to get the capital it needed. Dan Bethelmy-Rada also mentions time as a constraint in regards to his team meeting the deadlines. However, amidst all these challenges, Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team still managed to manufacture, package, and transport R.A.W to its consumers. Thanks to a group of dedicated workers and team leader.


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