The Substantial Benefits Of A Membership In The Oxford Club

A global and private network of entrepreneurs and investors form the Oxford Club. They beat the stock market with principles and investment strategies tested over time. The recommendations of the Oxford Club include equities, real estate, funds, bonds, precious metals and currencies. The mission of the organization is the creation of wealth for the future. Julia Guth is the CEO and works with an executive team. They are extremely talented in sales, marketing, customer service, research, operations, editorials and publishing. Their expert strategists are authorities for private equity, stocks, bonds, income investing, purchasing cryptocurrencies and trading options.

In 1989 the Passport Club was created. In 1991 the organization became the Oxford Club. William Bonner originally led the small networking group. Their goal was the formation of investors interested in locating unique business opportunities to share both in the United States and globally. They believed personal connections and thorough research were the best ways to find these opportunities as opposed to Wall Street brokers and the mainstream press. The organization offers three types of membership including Premier membership, Director’s Circle membership and Chairman’s Circle membership.

The combination of their investment philosophy and publications focused on investments has ensured the success of the group despite the conditions of the market. Numerous opportunities for investments are researched by the Oxford Club. They choose the ones with the lowest risk and highest potential to share with their members. This provides the members with an advantage over the average investors. Their investment strategy is simple to use, has no unacceptable risks and assists their members in beating the market. Their members are assisted with the creation of investment portfolios that are tax smart and have proven global strategies for investments.

There are three newsletters, a dozen strategies for trading and three e-letters published by the Oxford Club. Their services encompass financial gurus and beginners. The members access to trading services and publications is dependent on their level of membership. The monthly newsletters are The Oxford Resource Explorer, The Oxford Income Letter and The Oxford Communiqué. The educational arm of the Oxford Club is call the Investment U and first began in 1999. This financial education website was one of the first. The site resources include courses, conferences and videos.

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