Toner Proves That He Is A True Phoenix

If you are a real estate investor, chances are you have heard the name Jim Toner. Jim Toner is a real estate legend. He has over 25 years’ experience in the real estate investment business. His monetary wealth and wealth of knowledge has allowed him to help others become home and business owners. In addition to helping people to become home or business owners he also helps to inspire others. Toner has not always been a real estate mogul. He has humble beginnings that involve making mistakes and learning a lot of lessons. Even though he has many years of experience, those years of experience did not prevent him having negative events from occurring in his professional life.

After years of building his brand, business, and clientele someone stole his money and his clients. This incident ruined his business life and his aspirations of continuing to build his real estate company. Toner lost faith in the real estate industry thanks to a backstabbing guru whose negative work ethics hurt others business owners.

Instead of removing himself completely from the real estate industry, Toner had a plan that would allow him to enter back into the real estate business while also protecting himself and his business. This plan began when a friend reminded him of “who he was” and what he contributed to the real estate industry and how he has helped many people.

Toner is equipped with a little more wisdom and plans for the Ohio marker. He and his team have a goal for 500 homes in 5 years. He also plans to recruit top real estate investors in the area to help him to achieve his goals. Though Toner aims to make money from his real estate deals he wants to also help put money into the pockets of others. In addition to locating the top real estate investors in the Akron, Ohio area – Toner wants to work with everyday individuals that have a passion and a genuine interest to work and be successful. Toner has this open opportunity available because he believes that there is strength in numbers. Contact: Jim Toner | Medium

Learn how Jim Toner went from zero to millions:

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