Transformation Of National Steel Car Under The leadership Of Gregory Aziz

The National Steel Car has been in the business of making railcars and equipment for over a century. The company is led by Gregory James Aziz who serves as the CEO and President of the company. Over the years, National Steel Car has earned the reputation of producing high-quality railcars and equipment that meets and surpasses the needs of their customers. The company has a wealth of experience in railroad freight manufacturing and tank car engineering business. Since its establishment in 1921, National steel Car has won several awards and it is the only company of its kind with the ISO 9001:2008 certification in North America.


Changes that have occurred since 1994

Gregory J Aziz acquired National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco. The company’s performance had started going south due to poor management. When Greg James Aziz took over reigns at National Steel Car, Gregory James Aziz identified the company’s strengths and used them to turn it around.


James Aziz pumped in capital investment, human investment, good customer relations, professional engineering ability and team-building and the results were on the wall for everyone to see. In 1994, National Steel car was producing 3,500 railcars per year. This was underproduction considering that National Steel car had the potential to produce more cars.


Greg Aziz embarked on an expansion journey and by 1999; National Steel Car was already producing more than 12,000 railcars annually. With the increased production, Gregory Aziz was also forced to increased human capital. The number of employees at National Steel Car increased from around 600 to 3,000. Besides increasing its production figures, National Steel Car also diversified its product lines to include other products that serve the needs of their growing clientele.


About Gregory Aziz

Greg was born into a business family in 1949. He was raised in Ontario, London and also schooled at the University of West Ontario. Upon his graduation, Gregory Aziz joined Affiliated Foods, which was a family business dealing in the importation and distribution of fresh foods. Affiliated foods imported fresh food products from Europe, Central America, and South America. After importing, the company would then distribute the food all over America and Canada. Visit This Page for related information.


During his time at Affiliated Foods, Gregory managed to transform the company into the leading importers of fresh food products in Canada. After sixteen years in the family business, he left for the U.S to establish his own business. In the early 80s and 90s, Gregory invested heavily in banking and real estate before acquiring National Steel car from Dofasco.



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