Trend Expert Victoria Doramus Continues Mission To Support New York City Nonprofits

Earlier in her career. New York City’s Victoria Doramus was a trend and marketing specialist. Her job was to figure out what was trending in multiple industries, including fashion and design, and then document it so her company could take advantage of where consumers were headed. She was also involved in crafting advertising campaigns and creatively solving problems.

Victoria Doramus has also been a writer using both her own name and ghostwriting for others. It was when she was a college student that she developed her interest in writing. She has made many writing contributions to Trendcentral where she writes about trends in various industries. Her writing has also appeared in USA Today, The Cassandra Report, Huffpost, and Cosmopolitan.

She now spends the majority of her time helping out at not-for-profits in New York City. Victoria Doramus applies the skills she has learned over the course of her career to help these organizations meet their goals. One of the organizations she regularly volunteers for is Room to Read. This not-for-profit, established in 2000, is trying to increase literacy rates in nations around the world.

Another New York City charity Victoria Doramus supports is Best Friends Society. She wants to do her part to help stray pets find a loving home. This charity was created at a time when many animals in shelters were killed. This nonprofit has the biggest American no-kill pet sanctuary located in Kanab, Utah. She supports the New York City regional program they operate.

As a recovery expert, Victoria Doramus also volunteers for the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Amy Winehouse was a songwriter and singer who died from a drug overdose in 2011. Victoria Doramus is deeply involved in outreach youth in New York City informing them of the dangers of drug and alcohol misuse and addiction. See This Article to learn more.

Victoria Doramus became a recovery expert after having been addicted to drugs and alcohol herself. She says that she is really impressed with what this charity does and how they have kept Amy Winehouse’s spirit alive by helping people avoid addiction or recover from it.


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