US Money Reserve Presents Examples of Hyperinflation: Zimbabwe

Thankfully, only one nation on Planet Earth has ever experienced hyperinflation: Germany, right? Some might hide the evidence and suggest this is true. Unfortunately, there is another prime example of hyperinflation: Zimbabwe.


What happened to the value of the Zimbabwe currency? Does Zimbabwe use the same currency as the United States of America? The US Money Reserve presents examples of hyperinflation: See Zimbabwe.


History of Dollar


Did you know that the dollar existed before the United States of America existed? Yes, in fact it was originally called the thaler, which means hill in German.


Many nations use the word dollar for their currency. It does not just represent the United States, but something deeper. In many ways, it represents the rise of the West.


Zimbabwe Hyperinflation


Back in the 1990s, Zimbabwe was involved in the Second Congo War, but it wasn’t really going so well. The Zimbabwe government did not want to cut back its services, it could not raise more money from foreign sources. So, Zimbabwe hyperinflation began – Zimbabwe simply added more 000s to the end of its dollar.


The hyperinflation was so bad that in mid-November 2008, prices went up 79.6 billion percent in one month. Instead, of 10 Zimbabwe dollars, the government simply issued a note that said 100,000,000,000 Zimbabwe dollars. Problem solved.


What happened to all those Zimbabwe dollars? They are museum pieces now. Trade within the country of Zimbabwe is conducted in other currencies. In fact, Zimbabwe tried to make the Chinese yuan its official currency.


Political mismanagement and hyperinflation can destroy a currency. Thankfully, the bureaucrats cannot destroy gold. Gold is one of the toughest substances and that is why it has lasted so long as a store of wealth.


Fool Me Once …


The global bankers don’t really like to talk about the numerous modern cases of hyperinflation. They won’t even touch the antique cases of paper fiat currency systems gone wrong. Why?


They don’t want you to know that all paper fiat currency regimes end badly. It is like placing your brand new cake in the middle of the park and believing no ants, bees, flies, birds or squirrels will eat it. It is simply human nature that paper currency leads to devaluation. Why?


Governments can always print more paper to hide their flaws. Governments cannot print more US Money Reserve gold bars. That is why US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl has so many happy clients. They have protected their wealth with gold and silver bars.


Germany, Zimbabwe … what nation is next? Venezuela, Greece, Argentina, Mexico have all had serious bouts of inflation bordering on hyperinflation. Gold bars from the US Money Reserve protect you against money printing. As inflation increases, so does the value of your gold.


Fool me once, shame on you and fool me twice, shame on me. Wealthy individuals prepare ahead-of-time by purchasing gold as an inflation hedge. Who knows which nation will be the next to suffer from hyperinflation?


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