Vinod Gupta Words For The Wise


Vinod Gupta is an American businessman and investor who received his big break as the CEO of InfoGROUP for over twenty years.

In a recent interview with “Vin” as he is called by his friends, shared his Business Tips on how to succeed in today’s modern world. One of the most important points he emphasizes on is that success does not and will not happen overnight. To outsiders, it may seem as though an individual can go from a nobody to a somebody in the blink of an eye, but behind closed doors, there is a lot more time invested than is visible to the public.

Vin Gupta also expresses in his interview how taking chances was the key to his success. He came from a small village in India, that had the bare necessities to function. One may come up with a million excuses to not take that chance or leap of faith, but those are the moments and chances one most grasp and take it for all it’s worth.

Another point Vin Gupta made was that redefine a personal definition of success. Success means something different to everyone, and there is not one definition that is correct. Gupta advises to find an inner success for yourself, and the ability to reach for it becomes personal. Once one believes they have reached the top of their success, sit back and think how that can be pushed. Maybe there is another focus that will be tried for next, or maybe one may realize the business sector life isn’t for them and they can reach for another goal.

Lastly, Vin points out that family and personal relationships should never be forgotten. In most cases, they should come first because those are relationships that can never be replaced. Those are the people who will stand by someone’s side when they are on that long road to success. Go To This Page for additional information.


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