Waiakea Water Increases its Efforts for Environmental Preservation

Waiakea water has always been placed in bottles made of recycled plastic. This company recently made headlines by announcing their plans to change their bottles to ones that would be designed to degrade faster. The new fully degradable bottles are being produced with a type of plastic that maintains its strength, while allowing it to disintegrate at a rate that reduces its lifespan in landfills from more than 1,000 years to only 15. This new initiative by the team at Waiakea water is just one of many steps they have taken to help preserve the planet’s environment.

When Waiakea water’s founder Ryan Emmons decided to launch his new brand, he was going into a market primarily populated with seasoned veterans. Undaunted by his fellow business professionals, he chose to build his brand on a foundation that included social consciousness, a focus on health, and environmental sustainability. He also used marketing strategies that included advertising on social media sites.

Since the water for the Waiakea brand is sourced from a natural spring by the base of the Mauna Loa volcano on Hawaii, the positive environmental aspect was easy to portray. This water comes from the rain and snow that falls on the peaks of the volcano, making it a renewable resource. Waiakea water is also naturally enriched with beneficial minerals and has a pH level more in line with the cells of the body, making it a healthier beverage for hydration. Keeping in alignment with the water’s sustainable environment, the environmental initiatives of Waiakea water included a manufacturing process that reduced the amount of electricity used and carbon emissions released.

As a socially-conscious brand, the team at Waiakea water have partnered with an organization known as Pump Aid, to help bring clean water to remote regions of the world. The efforts made on the part of this organization have helped to build pumps in several underdeveloped communities such as those found in isolated areas of Africa. The efforts made on behalf of the Waiakea brand have helped bring a significant amount of clean water to these desert-like areas with a ratio of one week of clean water for every liter bottle sold.

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