What Makes Gregory J. Aziz A Great Leader?

Being a leader takes a lot of hard work and determination; not to mention all the different skills. Leading any kind of organization comes with numerous daily challenges, but leading a business comes with special challenges. It’s not leading a nation or a small book club.

Business combine politics and economics, which means business leaders need to know how to navigate politics and generate enough money to stay in business. Like leading a nation, business leaders have employees to think about. They can’t just do whatever they feel is best because if something goes wrong, hundreds or thousands of people can lose their jobs.


Research has shown a big correspondence between economic success and governmental stability. One could deduce that if business is good, the nation is good. That doesn’t mean business leaders should rule the world; it just means business leaders have to be more than just book smart.

One skill that all leaders need to have is the ability to recognize potential. Hiring the right people to do the job can make any company extremely successful or fail miserably. Keeping that mind, business owners need to be careful when deciding how will lead the company when they want to step down.


When it came time for National Steel Car to choose a new CEO, they expertly chose Gregory James Aziz. Gregory J Aziz joined the National Steel Car in 1994 after he purchased the company from DOFASCO, so he knew a lot about how National Steel Car operated. That’s one of the benefits of hiring from within the company.


The first thing James Aziz did when he took over was improved efficiency without trying. He has a natural humble mannerism, so Gregory J Aziz was able to focus on the greater good of the company instead of his career. His humble manners also allowed him to appreciate the workforce’s full potential.


A lot of CEOs don’t realize how important their employees are until the company goes down the drain. Aziz immediately recognized that National Steel Car would not exist without each and every employee coming to work every day. For that, he appreciates them more than the bosses who promoted him to CEO. Refer to This Article for related information.


He shows his appreciation by giving back to the community that suppliers most of his workforce, Hamilton, Ontario. Over 2000 Hamilton residents work at National Steel Car.


Greg Aziz also likes to give back to the community. Greg and his wife regularly sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and is known to support Theater Aquarius, Hamilton Opera, United Way, Salvation Army and various food banks.


Learn More: http://ca.viadeo.com/en/profile/greg.aziz

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