What You Need To Know About Drew Madden

Drew is a passionate entrepreneur who believes that technology could be the answer to a majority of challenges that the health care system faces today. Drew studied at State University of Iowa where he graduated with a B.S.E in industrial engineering majoring in medical systems. Over the past few years, Drew has been working on electronic medical records. Drew has developed collaborations with leading IT experts in healthcare with the aim of intensifying the integration of technology in the provision of healthcare services.


In collaboration with Evergreen Healthcare Partners, for instance, Drew Madden seeks to make a positive change in the provision of healthcare services. As a managing partner, he aims to develop working teams, a good business culture, and good collaborative relationships with other partners. Before joining Evergreen, Drew worked with other companies. For instance, he worked with Nordic Consulting Partners from 2010 and was its president between 2011 and 2016. During his tenure as the president, he guided the company to attain different levels of success and expansion. The firm’s employees rose from 10 people to over 700 and its partners increased from 3 to over 150.


What Drew Believes Can Address the Healthcare Challenges in the Country

The healthcare system in United States faces numerous challenges that need to be addressed. Drew believes that the continued unsustainable expansion of the sector could be a major challenge. He argues that measures should be taken to address the issue. The healthcare industry in United States is valued at over $5.5 trillion. Drew believes that the industry is currently experiencing a slow growth attributable to the fear of capitalizing on available opportunities among investors. Click Here for more information.


Drew believes that launching Obama’s affordable healthcare insurance for Americans was a step in the right direction. He observes that many people considered the healthcare reforms by Obama administration timely. Drew, however, believes that the stakeholders in healthcare must address some important issues. The issues include rethinking advance care planning, ensuring there is access to post-acute rating, and referral systems. He also observes that the industry needs to encourage innovation to ensure proper utilization of healthcare tracking hardware and promoting real-time logistics tracking within healthcare facilities.


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