Whitney Wolfe Takes Bumble Higher And The Jealous Nature Of Rivalry Comes Full Throttle

Whitney Wolfe knows what she is doing when it comes to creating a stellar business app that branches out beyond than anyone may have expected. It is the dating app that has allowed Whitney Wolfe to make a name for herself, but Bumble has become more than a dating app. People that may not even have a desire or need to date are still going to be able to utilize Bumble. This is what separates this company from other dating app companies like Tinder. There is currently a lawsuit that has been filed by the parent company for tender because there are claims that Whitney Wolfe is simply duplicating what has been the formula to success for Tinder.

It would be difficult for this claim to go anywhere largely because Whitney Wolfe is one of the co-founders for Tinder. She put herself in a position where she could build her own company based on the amount of knowledge that she already had about the dating industry.

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Her app is something that she is proud of because it represents women in the business world that are doing something without the help of a man. She is a leader in the industry that knows very well how women have been sexually harassed down through the years. The #me-too campaign is a big deal because it represents a whole new group of women that are not afraid to come forth in the mist of the various sexual advancements that have come about in the workplace. Now it appears that Whitney Wolfe is someone that is recognized as another person that has been targeted in previous work roles.

The Match Group did not bother to file any type of lawsuit until Whitney Wolfe became popular with Bumble. It is apparently a jealous ploy from this company because Whitney Wolfe is now riding the wave of success. Things like this can make or break a person, but Whitney Wolfe has clearly shown that she is not one to break. The recent bride that is heading up plans to expand Bumble into other countries is aware of what Tinder and is trying to do. She knows the game, and she believes that she will come out victorious. Right now her focus is on expanding her company and helping with the fight against gun violence and cyberspace harassment. Ultimately, Whitney Wolfe has bigger goals than dating apps.

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