You Can Be A Professional Racquetball Player Like Sawyer Howitt

Racquetball is quickly becoming a popular sport in the world due to its competitive and entertaining aspect. This has seen it attract renowned entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt.

The 17-year-old who works as a project manager at his father’s company, David Howitt, the Meriwether Group, started playing racquetball in high school. However, he has since gone up the ranks to become one of the best and most promising players of The Racquetball Club in Portland. Sawyer Howitt has proved to be a master of multiple trades as he juggles racquetball, college, and work at the Meriwether Group.

How to Excel at Racquetball

The first step to succeeding at racquetball is determining your goals. Are you playing to achieve a sense of fulfillment and have fun or do you want to do it as a business venture? Once you have your goals in place, you will be able to come up with strategies that will yield the expected results. You also need to dedicate yourself to a program that will deliver optimal results. Find a professional coach who can take you through the process, guide you through choosing the best workout routine and train you to become a pro like Sawyer Howitt.

As a project manager at the Meriwether Group, Sawyer evidently has a lot on his plate. He is tasked with offering consultancy services and developing business presentations for enterprises. He also helps startups with licensing, distributions, and brand development. Sawyer is part of the executive team that is tasked with developing RFID checkout solutions at the company. RFID checkout technology is a tracking solution designed for retail businesses to enhance accountability.

Sawyer’s Achievements

Sawyer Howitt is a role model for most millennials who wish to excel at a tender age. From being a pro racquetball player to a diligent student and an excellent manager, he is the perfect example of how much one can achieve when they have determination. Want to be a great racquetball player or entrepreneur like Sawyer? Follow your dream and shake off the discouragements from those who think that young people can only succeed when they age.

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