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A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step – Lao Tzu




            Starting this blog three months ago was a very impulsive decision and I can honestly say that I had no idea of what blogging meant or what it entailed.  At the time it simply seemed like a good alternative to a public reading of my own poems at either a café or at the dinner table.


I am still not completely sure of what sharing a blog really means but I have, however, discovered few things along the way.


As James from The Way Home wrote in one of his posts, “writing about personal experiences in a public setting does make one feel vulnerable.”  As we share our thought processes, our feelings, our insights, and our struggles we accept the possibility of being criticized, misunderstood, possibly rejected, and perhaps even ridiculed. Paradoxically, however, we are able to open ourselves to other people’s judgment and criticism only after we, ourselves, let go of our own.


So it seems to me that in this process, in this sharing, in this opening, in this un-clutching, in this letting go of what perhaps does not even belong to us we become more and most human.


I can’t help but think about cave paintings: a gift that has endured through millennia and that has stemmed out of the pure need of human beings to communicate, connect, express, and make sense of their lives.  What a gift.  It is like an open hand offered in the mist of a busy crowd, a hand that is mostly ignored and set aside perhaps, but that all of a sudden is reached for, found by someone perhaps in need who suddenly grasps it.  Then, a connection is made and two lives might be changed forever with the giving and the receiving of one another. A risk worth taking.


A special Thank You to all those incredible people out there who are taking the risk of sharing themselves, their words, and their journeys with the world! You are an inspiration to me.


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6 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. Your writing reveals a gentle heart. I think you are correct; there is a risk, but of course, like you say, if someone is lifted into a new way of thinking or their burden is lessened, then it is a risk worth taking. I look forward to reading more! James.

  2. Thanks for your comment James. Your post was very helpful. Thanks again.

  3. I think blogging was a very big step for me to take. Putting one’s work, deepest thoughts on life, values out there to be seen and scrutinised can be such a scary thing to do!!! And there were moments I wavered between going on and stopping altogether. I’m so touched by your open honesty about your journey. I know you have so much to offer and it’s usually the ones who have quality work who are most afraid to step out. I just want you to know that there are people out there who appreciate what you bring forth. Your tender sensitivity to see life is not lost to me. For me, I have only one goal in mind and that is to be of service to humanity – even in the most minutest of ways. I choose at this time to do it through my blog. Much warm and tight hugs to a very dear person! Sharon

    • Thank you Sharon. As always your words mean a lot to me… I wish I could be as selfless as you are; maybe one day I will be. For now, I just hope through my writing to regain some sanity and bring some order and clarity into my life.

      Thank you again for your support.

  4. Thank you, I am inspired by your example, I really mean it !:-)

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